Yes! This can be done by using Automation. So rather than display the default result box, you can set a module to display instead. For example a More Information box can display that reads 'Thank you for completing our poll'.

  • Add your Poll module.

  • Click on a specific answer in the poll, followed by the automation icon (the little wand).

  • Select 'When this answer is clicked', followed by the action you would like to take, for example, activate a More Information pop-up box.


We would like the reader to see a thank you message when they select the answer 'Love it!' in a poll.

  • Add a poll module with the answers available to select.

  • Add a More Information module containing thank you message off page.

  • Select 'Love it' answer for the poll, followed by the automation icon.

  • Select 'When this answer is clicked' for Event.

  • Select 'Activate Interactivity' for Action.

  • Select the module that you wish to activate when the answer is clicked for Interactivity.

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