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Document view on mobile phones
Document view on mobile phones
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PageTiger documents are optimised to be viewed on many different screen sizes, this includes mobile phones and other small screens such as tablets. When viewed on a mobile device your document will look the same as your desktop design but will be resized to fit the device screen size.

When using a mobile device, you can set your document so the reader swipes their screen to turn the page (this is called ' Page Turn'). However, it's recommended to use the 'Scrolling' option which allows your reader to scroll through the document - similar to how a webpage would function.

For documents viewed on a mobile, it is best to create a Book layout. Presentation layout can also be used, but will require the reader to rotate their device in order for the page to fill the device.

Once you document has been created, you can apply settings within a Style to format how you would like your document to be viewed on mobile. A Style is set at the document level and will apply the settings to every version in a document.

How to set mobile scrolling:

  • Select Documents > Settings > Styles

  • Select the Document View tab

Below is a breakdown of Document View where you can manage how the pages of your document are presented to readers.

  • Mobile Page Animation
    Change the view to 'Scrolling' for documents being viewed on a mobile device.

  • Mobile Default Layout
    Use this option to choose how you would like your pages to display when viewed on a mobile device (single pages/double pages/automatic). We would advise using 'Automatic', as the system will choose the best layout depending on the mobile phones current orientation.

Take a look at the articles here for a full breakdown of style settings.

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