A spell checker is now available to use in Text, Story and List panels, and the More Information interactive element. This feature is available in both Fully Editable and Layout Library.

This feature can be found in the lower right of the text editor whilst editing the panel or interactive content. The orange circle will contain a number which shows the number of corrections found by the checker, and a tick in the circle indicates that no corrections have been found.

By default the spell checker will work in the background to analyse both spelling and grammar as you type. Obvious spelling mistakes will be auto-corrected as you type, which will be underlined in grey. If you would like to revert the changes simply select the specific word and choose 'Revert to'. You can also use the 'Ignore all' option to stop spell check from auto correcting this word in future.

You can select each highlighted word one by one (indicated by a red underline for spelling and a blue underline for grammar) and choose from the following:

  • Select a suggested correction

  • Ignore the suggestion

  • Add the word to your dictionary (so that spell check accepts this as a correct spelling)

You can also make your spelling and grammar corrections by clicking the icon next to the orange circle in the lower right of the text box (this is the double arrow icon in between the orange circle and the settings cog) - this will open up the suggestions panel.

Your spell check preferences can be altered from the 'settings' panel (the cog in the lower right of the text box). Here you'll be able to:

  • Access your Dictionary to add and delete words which will be ignored by your spell checker

  • Change your Language

  • Access the ignore options - this will alter whether words fitting the criteria below will be ignored or not

    • Ignore all-caps words

    • Ignore domain names

    • Ignore words with mixed case

    • Ignore words with numbers

By default your spell checker will be set to detect all languages, but for an improved experience it is recommended that you set your preferred language - for example, to British English.

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