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Security Rules: Expected Visitor Lists
Security Rules: Expected Visitor Lists
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To create a new security rule, navigate to Documents > Settings > Security Rules and select Add.

This article will cover the security rule Expected Visitor Lists.

In order to use this security feature you'll first need to create an expected visitor list. This can be created through Documents > Settings > Expected Visitors.

To add an Expected Visitor List to your security rule, select one from the dropdown list and select Add.

If you need to delete an Expected Visitor List from the rule, select it from the Current Lists field and then click the Delete Selected button.

You may add multiple Expected Visitor Lists to a single security rule. A user will only be able to view the document if they are present on any of the selected Expected Visitor Lists.

In order to utilise Expected Visitor Lists you must pair it with either Reader Login, Employee Number or SSO.

Read more about Reader Login here.

Read more about Employee Numbers here.

Read more about SSO here.

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