Campaign Settings is essential to setting up your campaign. This tab allows you adjust general campaign settings like name, date range, salesperson, etc., but also more detailed configurations such as post tracking keywords, post requirements, financial data, custom fields, Bitly links, and more.

To adjust your campaign settings navigate to any campaign and select the "Settings" tab from the top menu:

Campaign Information: This section allows you adjust your general campaign information like name, date range, timezone, and more.

Post Requirements: Here you can define the post requirements for the influencers participating in the campaign across each platform and post type. Once set, we will then track for these posts across each influencer so you can easily keep track of their status. Please note you can set individual post requirements for each influencer if needed directly on their profiles.

Campaign Goals: Easily enter your impression and views goals for the campaign and track them in real time. This can be monitored internally or shared in the campaign live links as well.

Post Detection: This is one of the most important features you will use within campaign settings. To automatically track and pull in campaign posts to our system, simply enter the keywords (including @ mentions or # hashtags if needed) separated by commas. We will find the posts with these keywords from the influencers in the campaign within the date range and pull them into our system with their performance data. Learn more about how to get the most out of this tool here.

Bitly Links: Use this section to easily connect your Bitly account and generate tracking links for Instagram Story posts. Learn more about how to set that up here.

Financial Information: Use this section to keep track and edit your campaign sales, revenue, influencer fees, and client fees. This information is used to automatically keep track of your client budget, spend, ROI, CPM, CPE, and CPV.

Custom Report Fields: This section allows you to add custom fields to include additional KPIs, metrics, and data on your campaign reports.

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