Discover Search bar

We now have a search bar at the top of Discover page, that allows you to find and generate influencer reports. All you need to do is select the platform you wish to search for the influencer on and paste their username or handle). Using this will cost 1 token. Learn more about searching for a specific influencer here.

PDF export for Influencers Reports

Each report that you have generated can now be exported into a PDF. The "Export" button will be on the top of every report. Once you have clicked this it will send you a PDF of the influencer report via email.

Keywords filter for Instagram

This new filter allows you to search any keyword, hashtag or mention that an influencer has used on their posts. Learn more about all of our filters here.

Add influencers from Discover to Campaigns

The new "Add to Campaigns" button under the “New Search” tab in Discover allows you to directly add relevant influencer results to new or existing campaigns in the Campaigns tool. Adding an influencer to a campaign will also create a profile in your influencer roster. Learn more here.

Update Influencer Reports

Influencer reports that are older than 30 days will have the option to be updated. To get an updated report, navigate to the "Reports" tab in Discover. Now hover over the influencer to see the refresh button next to “View”. Now, click on it and that’s it, you’ll get fresh data. Keep in mind that a token will be used for this.


New simplified "Add influencer" flow

The simplified add influencer flow allows users to add new influencers in a matter of clicks. You can paste in the social URL, add the first name and save and exit right away. Otherwise, you can choose to continue adding more information like address, payment details, contracts, rev splits, etc. on the following pages. Learn more here.

Documents-storing functionality

The new Upload button allows you to add documents individually or in bulk for your influencers. These documents will be matched based on their influencer ID.

You will find the profile ID on the influencer's card and once a document is uploaded, it will be stored under the Documents section on the Influencer's profile card.

Learn more here.


Bulk-select add to campaign

When adding influencers to a campaign, you will now be able to select multiple or all influencers at once to add. Learn more here.

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