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What are Grid Coordinates
What are Grid Coordinates
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Welcome to the Parade Deck 🧭 Grid Coordinates directory.


Welcome to the Parade Deck Grid Coordinates directory. In our military community, connection and camaraderie are paramount. With this in mind, we've designed the Grid Coordinates program to foster genuine connections while safeguarding your privacy.

What are Grid Coordinates?

Grid Coordinates are unique location identifiers assigned to every Parade Deck creator or subscriber. These coordinates allow you to share your current destination with fellow community members, promoting enhanced connections.

How to Use the Program:

  1. Locate Your Coordinates: Once logged in, find your unique grid coordinates in your dashboard.

  2. Connect with Others: Navigate to our Grid Coordinates directory and send connection requests to other members, similar to platforms like LinkedIn.

  3. Establish the Connection: After the other member approves your request, they'll share their grid coordinates with you.

Benefits of Using Grid Coordinates:

This program's main goal is to help you connect with those you've served alongside or those you recognize within the military community. It’s about maintaining bonds, revisiting old friendships, and building new relationships within our close-knit community.

Our Privacy Policy:

Your trust is paramount. We want to assure you that we never share your grid coordinates with anyone without your direct permission. Your privacy is our top priority, and we've implemented strict measures to ensure it.

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