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How do I deposit USD from Upwork?
How do I deposit USD from Upwork?
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  1. Set up a Payment Method

    a. Go to the "Settings & Privacy" section of your Upwork profile and click on "Get Paid."

    b. Set up Direct to U.S. Bank (USD)

    c. Enter your Parallax account details. To get your information, log in to your Parallax account and under [Balances], click on Parallax USD Account. Get your Routing Number and Account Number

  2. Withdraw Earnings Manually

    1. Go to [Settings] and click on [Get Paid]

    2. Choose the [Get Paid Now] button

    3. Choose the amount to withdraw and click on Direct to US Bank option which is your Parallax account

    4. Choose [Get Paid Now]

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