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How do I Dispatch Routes to my Drivers?
How do I Dispatch Routes to my Drivers?

Pushing routes to the Parcelizer driver app

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Once you've created a route plan and are happy with it, the next step is to dispatch routes to your drivers so that they know what to do. In Parcelizer, routes are dispatched via text message. When you click the [Dispatch to Drivers] button on the bottom right of the Route Plan, Parcelizer sends a text message to your drivers (the driver's phone number is saved when you create a new driver).

The text message contains a link that loads the Parcelizer driver app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) when you click it. If the previous route is still showing, try closing the app and clicking the link again.

The first screen you'll see is the Stop Listing screen, which shows the order of stops (the pickup or delivery part of each order) on the driver's route with pickups in blue and deliveries in green. Each stop shows the customer's name, address and the estimated arrival time (ETA) calculated from Parcelizer's route optimization engine.

Clicking the [Map] icon on the top right brings you to a map based interface that shows you the physical locations of each stop. Pickup stops are shown as round markers while delivery stops are shown as square ones. The number on each marker indicates their sequence on the route.

If you have any questions about the Parcelizer driver app, don't hesitate to contact

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