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How do I add Custom Fields to my Notifications?
How do I add Custom Fields to my Notifications?

Personalizing customer notifications by adding custom fields

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One of the most useful things you can do to personalize the customer notifications sent out by Parcelizer is to add custom fields to it.

For example, suppose you are delivering flowers to a customer called "Amy", and want to send her a notification when the driver is on the way to make the delivery. You would first find the Going Next notification text box (above) on the [Notification Settings] screen of the Settings page. Next, you would replace the default text with the following:

Hello {delivery_name}, your delivery of {package_contents} is on the way and will be there at {eta}! Please contact our customer support hotline at (604) 123-4567 if you have any questions.

The custom field {delivery_name} is automatically created with the order (provided you've given it a value). There are two ways to make sure that it is included. When you upload a spreadsheet to a route plan, check to see that you've matched the correct column to the Delivery Name field.

Alternatively, when adding orders one at a time, make sure that the Delivery Name field isn't left empty.

The next custom field, {package_contents}, is not found in Parcelizer. You need to add that to the order manually, either by clicking [Add Header] on the order spreadsheet upload module and selecting the appropriate column (below) or

by clicking [Add Custom Field] when adding a single order and specifying the name of the field (package_contents) and the value (flowers).

The last custom field in the example above is {eta}, which is generated automatically by Parcelizer and displays the value of the estimate arrival time generated by Google Maps based on the driver's real time location and distance from the delivery address.

Note: If you specify a custom field that does not exist it will show up as N/A on the customer notification.

If you have any questions about Parcelizer's customer notifications, don't hesitate to contact

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