To get started with creating your own organization's course bundle, visit your community and click on the Courses tab. If you are a Course Designer, you will see an option to create a new course or course bundle. 

If you need assistance with assigning a Course Designer for your organization, please contact our Support Team at

A pop-up window will appear prompting you to give your course bundle a name:

After you have clicked [Create], you will see your course bundle landing page. Here, you will see that you have an option to [Edit] your course bundle further, to apply an image, and to add a description for your learners to view.

When you click the [Edit] button, you will options for adding and/or updating Basics about your course (e.g. Name, Short Description, Featured Image and Tags). You will also see a tab for Details, where you can provide a full, rich-text overview of your course bundle, and Settings, where you can determine if your courses should be completed in a sequence.

Once you have created the structure for your course bundle, it is time to add courses! To add two or more courses to your bundle, first return to the Courses tab to locate your courses. If your organization contains multiple courses and course bundles, you may need to click on the [View All] button to view all available courses. 

For each course that you would like to add to your course bundle, simply go into the course builder for each respective course, and choose [Add to course bundle....]. A pop-up window will appear where you can type the name of the course bundle that will contain your courses. 

After you have finished adding all of the courses into your bundle, you can return to your Courses tab and click on the course bundle card to view your updated course bundle landing page. From here, you can also edit or remove courses from within the bundle. 

Your final step, as a Course Designer, is to prepare to share your course bundle to community members via the Courses tab. Your course bundle will not appear to learners until it is published, with the help of your Participate Education Strategist. 

Once you have completed all of the above steps, to create your course bundle, add courses, and share the course bundle your community, then you should contact your Participate point person on our Customer Success Team to let them know you are ready to publish. Your point person will confirm that your bundle is configured correctly, and will publish the bundle to your community.

Your course bundle is now available to members of your community to visit and enroll in. The status of your community members progress through each course will be displayed in the Reports tab for your community (visible to community administrators).

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If you have questions about how to create, update, share or publish course bundles with your community, contact our Support Team at 

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