Basic Information 

Q: Who has access to create a page?

A: Community members with the "designer" role can create pages. 

Q: If I'm a designer for a community, how do I create a new page?

A: To create a new page, click on the resources tab within your community. Then, click "New." See the images below!

Adding Content to your Page

Q: How do I add and edit text?  

A: To add text, just click around on the page. Highlight the text to edit. A menu will appear that allows for all of the following text modifications: bold, italicize, underline, hyperlink, all caps, bulleting, numbering, and quotations.

Q: How do I insert headers, images, videos and collections? 

A: By clicking the [+] button, the following menu options will appear. Click on the option you wish to insert into your page.

Q: How do I add Chapters to my page? 

A: To add chapters to your page, select "Add Chapter" on the right-hand side of the page builder.  You can rename, reorder, or remove each chapter using the dropdown menu from the three dots within the chapter title, as shown below. 

Editing the Details

Q: I've created my page and want to publish it for the learners in my community to see. Now what? 

A: Click on "edit details" in the top right corner of the page builder. You'll see that you must contact your account manager; they will publish the page for you when you're ready! 

Q: How do I add/change the name or description of my page? 

A: Click on "edit details" to adjust the title or description. See this image again.

Q: How do I add a primary image to my page? 

A: Click on the "Media" tab from within the "edit details" section to add your image. 

Q: What is the "Metadata" section for? 

A: This optional section will allow you to add tags to your page and specify the topic of your page by grade level.


Still have questions?

 Contact our Support Team at or by clicking the blue chat bubble in your bottom right-hand corner!

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