Courses on offer three different ways to earn a digital credential.

Auto-credential courses: You will receive notification of credential awarded immediately, upon completing all required tasks in a course. 

Mentored courses: Your work will be available for feedback by an expert mentor, as soon as you complete the first task within a course. You may reach out to a course mentor at any time, while you are working on a course. Once you have completed all tasks within a course and submitted your completed coursework for review, your mentor will do a final review of your work, before awarding a digital credential. 

Reviewed courses: After you have completed all tasks within a course, you may submit your coursework for final review by an expert reviewer. Your reviewer may communicate to you to provide guidance and recommendations, before awarding you a digital credential. 


When you are ready to submit your coursework, click Submit Work for Review, found on the last chapter of the course.

*If the Submit Work for Review button is not highlighted in blue (as shown above), please check over your coursework to make certain that each interaction has been completed.

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