There are three ways that your learners can earn a digital credential. This article describes the method of assessment called Formative Review. To learn more about other course credential types, click here

In a Formative Review Course, learners receive feedback from an expert mentor, as they complete tasks within the course. Mentors may reach out to learners any time, while they are working on a course. Once all tasks are completed within a course and submitted, the coursework should be reviewed by a mentor before awarding a digital credential.

If you are a course mentor, you can find coursework available for review, by clicking on the Mentorship and Feedback link on your Home Feed.

Coursework identified as [Available for Review] may be claimed by any mentor for a given course, by clicking on the coursework card.

Once you've viewed the portion of the coursework completed, and you decide that you want to provide mentorship to this learner, click on the [Begin Review] button.

As soon as you select to 'Begin Review', you will see a chat window appears that will allow you to reach out the learner with questions, comments and concerns. You can communicate as often as you like using this chat. This chat is only visible to mentors for that course, Support Team staff, and the learner who has started the coursework. 

If you feel that you cannot award the digital credential for a learner's work, until they make revisions, then you can return the coursework to learner for additional edits. If you're unable to complete a review, you may also 'Release' this coursework back to the pool of coursework 'Available for Review', so that another assessor may claim it. 

Finally, when you decide that the learner's work meets all of the requirements specified in the criteria of the digital badge, you may click on the [Award Credential] button, to issue the credential to the learner. Once a credential is awarded, the chat window will become locked and neither you nor the learner will be able to make additional comments. 

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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