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Courses on offer three different ways learners can earn a digital credential.

Formative Review: 

Learners receive feedback from an expert mentor, as they complete tasks within the course. Mentors may reach out to learners any time, while they are working on a course. Once all tasks are completed within a course and submitted, the coursework should be reviewed by a mentor before awarding a digital credential.
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Summative Reviewed: 

Coursework is reviewed, by an expert reviewer, only after the learner has completed all tasks within the course and submitted. Reviewers may communicate to learners to provide guidance and recommendations, before awarding a digital credential.
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Auto-Credential Course: 

A credential is awarded immediately, to learners, upon completing all required tasks in a course. 


Designing Courses

As a Course Designer, you can select from the type of credential you'd like to assign to each course. When are selecting the digital badge for your course, you'll see the following options:

To enable any type of credential, either automatic or review/mentor, your course must contain at least one interaction.


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