Once you have members in your community, there may be actions that you would like to take to modify their membership or permissions in your community. You can find tools to make these changes under the Manage Community tab by clicking into the Manage Members menu. Here you will find options to Remove members or change their Roles in the community.

Removing Members

You can remove individual members from the "..." button on the right side of their record. Simply click "Remove member" and confirm to remove them from your community!

[Removing Individual Members.]

You can remove many members at once by using the checkboxes on the left hand side of their record. Check off all of the members that you would like to remove. Once you are satisfied with the records you have checked, use the "Actions" menu at the top to remove all of the checked users at once.

[Removing Many Members.]

Manage Roles and Permissions

You can manage members' role and permissions from the "..." button on the right side of their record. Simply click "Change role". You will be presented with options to give the member a role of Member or Admin. You will also be able to give or remove more granular permissions to those with the Member role. For more information about each of these roles and permissions and what they mean, please see our article on Understanding community member roles.

[Managing Member Roles]

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