Collections enable educators to curate, share and collaborate on resources organized around any topic or subject area.

Resource Types in a Collection

  • Owners of collections may add links or files, including websites, videos and online documents as resources. 

  • Contributors can also add files and links to a shared collection. 

  • Commenters can post messages in the discussion board for any collection. 

Adding links and files in a collection
Owners of collections and those who are designated as collaborators to collections can add links and files to a collection. Click on the (+) Add a new resource link symbol to add a link or to upload a file.

Adding Images and Descriptions in Collections and Resources
Collection owners and collaborators can add images and descriptions to collections and resources by clicking the blue [Edit] button next to your collection's name.

Adding and Editing Images and Descriptions to Collections
Click in the box with the gray target to add or edit an image and type a description of your collection in the Description field. Be sure to click [Save].

Adding and Editing Images and Descriptions in Resources
Click the three dots [...] in the top right corner of your resource and select Edit Resource from the pull-down menu. Click in the green placeholder to add or change an image and type a description of your image in the Description field. Be sure to click [Save].

Adding Collaborators to a Collection
As the owner of a collection, you may find it helpful to invite friends, colleagues, and/or reviewers to explore, comment on and add resources to a collection. This article will provide you with further information about adding collaborators to your collection.

Privacy Settings

  • Collections may be publicly accessible, hidden (invitation-only) or private. 

  • Publicly accessible collections are searchable by tags.

Remember to subscribe to any public collection if you are interested in revisiting the resources.

Sharing a Collection
Collections that are publicly accessible or hidden (invitation-only) can be shared. Click on the white [Share Collection] button to choose how to share your collection.

Subscribing to a Collection

You can subscribe to a publicly accessible collection by first clicking the resource and then sliding the [SUBSCRIBE] button to the right. Once you subscribe to a collection, you will receive email and in-app notifications anytime a new item is added.

Check out "Create a Collection" to begin creating  your own collection.

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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