You may have been invited to enroll in one of our Professional Development courses at a discounted rate, using a coupon code or promotional code. Below are the steps for using a coupon code to purchase access to your course.

How to apply a coupon code: 

  1. Visit the Course Enrollment page, using the link provided to you.

  2. You will be prompted to [Log in] if you have an account, or [Sign Up] to create an account and login. Once logged in, you will be returned to the course enrollment page.

  3. A purchase window will appear, to enter your payment information and the coupon code. 

  4. Type the coupon code into the form. You will see the discount which will be applied to your purchase.

  5. You will see the full-price listed on the course enrollment page. Click the [Enrollment] button to enter your Coupon Code and receive your discount. After the coupon code is applied, you will only pay the remaining amount of the course fee.

  6.  Click the [Pay] button, you will receive an email confirmation.

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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