If you are writing a comment or a reply to a community discussion thread you can enhance your post with formatting, images, links, and other file types. You can use the menu at the bottom of your text box to customize your post.

The first icon allows you to bold and italicize your text, as well as creating bulleted and numbered lists.

The image icon allows you to drag and drop or upload image files.

You can upload images in ".gif", ".jpg", ".jpeg", or ".png" format.

The paper clip icon allows you to upload other file types, as well as attaching a link or something from Google Drive.

Once you have selected what you want to upload, you can choose to delete using the trashcan icon on the top right, or attach it to your post by pressing "Attach".

Once your file is attached you can change your mind and delete or accompany your attachment with additional attachments or text. 

Once you are happy with your text and your attachment(s), click the [Send] button to post your comment. The file will be linked to your comment, and any member of the community can click to view your file.

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at
support@participate.com or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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