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Understand the different ways you can contribute to or view a collection.

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Assigning Roles in a Collection
Once you are inside a collection, click on the Collaborators tab located on the lefthand side and then the [Manage Collaborators] button to invite others to different roles in a collection.

The different roles that one can have in a collection are Owner, Editor and Viewer.

The Owner of a collection has total control. 

The Owner can:

  • Edit the collection details (name, description, privacy, tags, thumbnail)

  • Manage Editors (invite, edit access, remove)

  • Add, edit and remove resources

  • Message Editors

The Editor to a collection shares some of the abilities of the Owner.

The Editor can:

  • Manage other Editors (invite, edit access, remove), with the exception of the Owner. Editors cannot remove or edit the access of the collection's Owner

  • Add, edit and remove resources

  • Message Editors and Owner

You can only become an Editor through invitation from the collection's Owner.

The Viewer has the lowest level of access.

The Viewer can:

  • View resources

  • Receive notifications when new resources are added

You can request a higher level of access by messaging the Owner of a collection.

Following a Collection

You can click on the [Following the Collection] button in the top right to receive notifications when new resources are added to the collection.

Happy collaborating!

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