The course completion process has a few different steps, which might cause some confusion at first. Follow along below to get a better understanding of how this process works!

Mentorship and Feedback Courses:

Some of the courses you will complete are mentor courses, which means that another person will be checking your work when you submit a course. Courses that are peer-reviewed will have a few different statuses from the time you begin completing them! Let's take a look:

Blank - If you go to your courses tab, you'll see all of the courses you are enrolled in. If you do not see anything written in red in the course window (as shown further down in the article), it means you have not begun that course yet.

Course in Progress - After you've started the course, but have not yet finished all of your work, the course will appear as "in progress." If you see this status (shown below), it means you still have work to be completed! Make sure you go back into the course and complete all of the necessary work if this is the status.

Review in Progress - If you see this message, it means you have submitted all of your work for the course - and a mentor is looking over your work. This process usually takes about 3-5 business days.

Waiting for Learner - If your course has this status, it means that your peer-reviewer provided feedback for you to correct something within the course. When you see this message, go back into your course and make the appropriate changes - then resubmit back to your peer-reviewer to be reviewed again.

Credential Awarded - This status will appear once your peer-reviewer has looked over all of your submitted coursework and verified that everything is correct. When you see this status, it means you are finished with the completion of the course!

Courses that are not Mentorship:

Some of the courses on Participate are not peer-reviewed. For these courses, you will be auto-awarded a credential upon completion. Take a look below to see how this process differs from regular peer-reviewed courses.

Blank - This status holds the same meaning for both peer-reviewed courses and auto-awarded courses. Once again, if there isn't red writing in the course window, it means you have not begun completing that course yet.

Course in Progress - This status also holds the same meaning for peer-reviewed and auto-awarded courses. The course will appear as "in progress" if you have started but not yet finished completing your coursework.

Completed - This is where courses that are not peer-reviewed will differ. After you've correctly completed all of the coursework and submit, your course will automatically show as "Completed."

After you have completed your auto-awarded course, it will show as "completed" instead of "credential awarded."

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