As a Participate Course Designer, you have unique privileges assigned to your account. You can create courses and course bundles on the courses tab.

Getting started

To get started, click on your community 'Courses' tab. As a Designer for your community, you will see a [+ New] button, under your search bar. Choose the type of learning experience that you'd like to build --- either a course or a course bundle. 

To learn more about courses and course bundles, click here. 

Adding a Course Name and Course Content

You will first be asked to provide a course name --- this can be anything you choose, and you will be able to make change to this course name in the future. Type in your course name and click [Create].

Understanding Course Options

Next, you will be taken to the edit view of the course. Along the right-hand side, you'll see course-level options.

You'll also see a location where you will eventually be able to set a digital credential for this course. To learn more about the types of digital credential options available, click here. 

In the bottom-right-hand side of the course-edit view, you'll see options for adding chapters to your course. By default, a course does not have chapters; however, you can group information in your course to provide an easy-to-comprehend "chunks" of information, that relate to overall course topic. We recommend between five and seven chapters per course, if possible, based on instructional design best practices. 

Creating and Editing Content

When you're ready to begin adding and editing content, simply click on the content area near the sample text on the left-hand side of the screen and hit <Return> or <Enter> on your keyboard. You'll see a {+} symbol appear --- this is your cursor.

You can start typing body text directly into the content area. Once you've added text, you can select the text using your mouse of mousepad and change the formatting. The text formatting toolbar will appear as soon as you have selected some text. 

You can choose to add media to your course, from the cursor. Click directly on the {+} symbol to see options for adding media or interactions to your course. 

Saving Changes

Remember to [Save changes] often --- this button is found in the top-right of the course editor. You should save changes each time you edit content. The status your changes will appear as a notification, just above the [Save changes] button.

To view your new course that way a learner would view it, click on the [Test Course] button. This will take to the course view that your learners will see. You can check hyperlinks, watch embedded videos and complete task interactions in this view. 

Share New Course with Learners

In the learner-view of the course, you'll see an [Actions] link in the top-right hand corner. Click this link to view your sharing options. 

  • Click [Share] to automatically copy a link to the course enrollment page --- this is the best link to share with your learners.
  • Click the [View Enrollment Page] go to the course enrollment page --- you may also share this page with learners.  

Once your course is published, you can also access the Enrollment Page from within the edit-view of the course, within the course-level options on the right-hand side. 

If none of the above 'Share' or 'View Enrollment Page' options are clickable, then that indicates that your course is not yet published. To request to have your course published, please contact your Participate Account Manager, or reach our Support Team using the contact information below. 

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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