In each community on, members can hold one or several roles, depending on how active they are in the development of courses, resources, discussions, and announcements.

Members can access...

  • Courses: Enroll/unenroll in courses and add courses to their own collections.
  • Resources: View collections and add other user's collections and resources to their own individual collection.
  • Discussions: Create discussions, join discussions (if they've joined the community), and delete their own discussion posts.

Moderators can do everything a learner can plus...

  • Branding: Edit community description, banner, and logo for of a community.
  • Discussions: Delete discussion threads.

Community Administrators can do everything learners and moderators can plus...

  • Announcements: Create/delete/edit announcements owned by other people.
  • Collections: Add collections they've created to their community.
  • Pages: ¬†Create, edit and publish pages in their community.
  • Discussions: Create, edit, and delete any discussion (cannot remove individual comments from within a discussion).
  • Groups: Create and edit groups. Send announcements and share discussions with groups.
  • Course Reports: View community course status reports (if community includes courses.)

Community Leaders have the same capabilities as learners, and....

  • Communities: appear on the About tab of their community as facilitators.

Community Designers can do everything a learner can, and can.....

  • Courses/Pages: Create new courses, course bundles, and pages.
  • Credentials: Create credentials and associate them with courses.

Community Facilitators....

The combination of the Community Administrator and Community Leader roles create the Community Facilitator Role.

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