If you are an administrator for a school, district or partner community, you have the ability to easily create and share announcements to your community members!

To access the announcements feature, click on your Communities tab and select a community for which you are an administrator. On the left-hand side of your Community, you will see a menu listing the different parts of your community. The final three options are Administrator-only options.

To access your Announcements Dashboard, click on the Manage Communities link.

Under the Admin Tools section, click on the Announcements button.

You will see published announcements on your Announcements Dashboard. To view draft, published or archived announcements, specifically, select the visibility type from the Status menu in the top left-hand corner.

Click the [New+] button to start a new announcement:

Creating your announcement message

In the announcement editor tool that appears, you can create rich text messages, insert images, add hyperlinks, and format your post to fit your community's needs. After typing your title and message text, use your <return> or <enter> key on your keyboard to drop down to the next line. You will see a (+) symbol appear. Clicking on this (+) symbol will bring up a list of media options you can include in your announcement.

Selecting your audience

Along the right-hand side, you will see the community or communities that you are eligible to publish to. If you have created 'Groups' in your community, then you will also see your Groups listed. Select one or more groups to send a targeted announcement message too. Click here to learn more about 'Groups'.

***Note - Whenever you publish an announcement, you must have an 'audience' of some kind selected. You can select specific groups or you can select everyone at the top to send your announcement to the entire community. If you want a community wide announcement to display in a group feed, you can even do "everyone" AND specific groups.***

Saving draft announcements

A draft announcement is auto-saved as you are working on the document, (similar to Google docs). If you are not interested in publishing at that moment, then you can click the in X the top-right-hand corner to close the draft and return at anytime.

Email notifications

Once you publish your announcement, an email notification will be sent to all members of your audience, containing the message in your announcement and a link to allow your members to jump straight into the community.

If you choose to edit the announcement after it is published, no additional email notifications will be sent, unless you add a Group to your selected audience. At that time, a new email notification will be sent only to those new Group members.

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at support@participate.com or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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