We encourage you to reach out to community facilitators, community members, and fellow educators. Ask questions, share advice and encourage others to engage in  community. Let's create connections and start learning from each other!

Start a new message

To initiate a direct message, simply click on the message icon at the top of the site and locate the "New message" button. Click this to begin adding participants to your conversation!

Note: You can also initiate a new message with another individual user from their profile or their card within a community by hitting the "message" button by their avatar!

Add participants

Enter names in the field and select each user you would like to include in your conversation. You can add just one person, or add a whole bunch!

Finally, begin creating your message in the "Write a message" area and click  [Send] to send your message. The recipients will receive an in-app notification to let them know they have a message. Any previous chats you've had with these recipients will be visible in the chat window!

Formatting messages

Formatting options available for messages: 

  • Bold font

  • Italicized font

  • Bullet points

  • Number list

Hyperlinking is not available yet, however pasting a link directly into the chat will recognize it as a link, allowing others to simply click it to open it in a new tab!

Switching between messages

You can initiate a new message via the "New message" button, or switch to an existing conversation any time by clicking on it under the message hub. All of your conversations will be stored here!

Don't worry if you were in progress on a message in your last conversation, we'll save any unsent portion of a message you typed for when you next open the conversation!

Getting notified about messages

Click on the message icon,  in the top-right corner of any page, to view direct message notifications.

Unopened conversations that contain new messages are highlighted with a blue dot, while previous messages are available to view at any time. To help you stay on top of your messages, the time lapsed since the message was sent will appear next to each message notification.

Desktop notifications

If you want extra help staying on top of your messages, you can use our desktop notifications! Each time you receive a new message, you will also receive a popup on your desktop outlining a preview of the message and who sent it. Clicking on this notification should take you straight to the conversation where the message occurred!

This feature is on by default, but you can toggle it in the message hub -

Privacy and appropriate conduct

We take steps to ensure the security of our users’ communications in direct messages, ensuring that no one, including our Participate Support Team, can read their private communications. You can read our Privacy Policy here. 

In pursuit of maintaining healthy communities, our goal is to create safe, helpful and friendly learning environments for our users, regardless of experience, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or other defining characteristic. If we are notified by any user on our platform that they have received a message they deem inappropriate, then we may be required to suspend or remove an offending user's account.  If you receive inappropriate messages while on Participate.com, please report them using the tools available in both Direct Messages and Discussions!

*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at support@participate.com or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page.

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