As a community facilitator, you may now create small groups within your community to send private communications or announcements.

Create a New Group in Your Community

You may discover that engaging your community can best happen by sharing relevant content, announcements and micro-experiences with groups within your community. 

1. Click [Manage Groups] on the bottom-left section of your community admin menu .

2. Click [+New] to create a new sub-group to communicate to.

3. Type in desired group name and click [Create].

4. Click [Add Members] to populate your new group. 

Communicate with Your Groups via Announcements

As a community facilitator, you can select from a list of your community members to build customized groups in your community. You can return to add or remove members at any time. To view content sent to the group, you will need to include yourself in the group as well. 

When you are ready to communicate to your group, click on the [Announcement] link above the group members list. You can select one or more groups in your community to publish your announcement to. 

Past announcements sent to group members will continue to be visible to group members, even if they are later removed from a group. You can publish the same announcement to other groups in the future, by selecting each group from the 'Publish to:' list and clicking the [Update Post] button in the Announcement editor tool.


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