We love to hear your feedback, and we rely on your suggestions and questions to make meaningful changes. We're sharing our product release notes below to keep you in the loop on impactful updates to our platform and your communities! ________________________________________________________________

January 20, 2022


  • n/a


  • Modified announcement emails to avoid being filtered out by mail servers (DMARC standard filters). This should help get announcement emails to their intended recipients a greater proportion of the time.


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January 19, 2022


  • n/a


  • The "Courses taken in sequence" toggle on Bundles was a feature that never quite worked correctly. As a way of avoiding confusion, this option has been removed.


  • n/a

January 14, 2022


  • n/a


  • Some pages were loading quite slowly. The changes made here attempt to speed things up a bit and will hopefully produce a noticeable benefit to initial page load speed.


  • n/a

January 7, 2022


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Saving any content in the course editor was failing if the save occurred after opening the Settings menu. This should be fixed and all saves should properly store content as expected.

December 13, 2021


  • n/a


  • Removed text from announcement emails warning "Do not reply to this email". All replies to announcement emails now return to the address of the publishing user. Consequently, this text was no longer accurate.


  • Items added to community resources tabs were not immediately showing. This should now be fixed and new resources should show promptly after being added (and without refreshing).

December 2, 2021


  • n/a


  • Updated error messaging when attempting to add a Draft course to a group.

  • Improved error message for unfetchable links. (Allows link to be added when we can't gather information about it, but won't pull it in as a resource/add info).


  • Discussion edit menu was reappearing when refreshing immediately after discussion creation. This should now be fixed.

  • Search feature for "Pending Invitations" table was not working. This should now be fixed.

  • Discussion link fetcher was cutting off chapters when links to Course/Page chapters were added. These should now point to the chapter as desired.

October 27, 2021


  • Admins can now pin/unpin an announcement to the top of the Community Feed.


  • E-commerce enabled courses will now provide information on how Admins can reach out to support for coupon code creation.

  • Learning Product cards have a more clear layout and new images/colors based on status.

  • Users can now get a direct link to specific announcements (copy link button under context menu).

  • "Expertise Tags" for user profiles changed to just "Tags".

  • Community Welcome message/modal will now have a welcome video and copy is less discussion centered.

  • Courses and Pages now have urls for each chapter, allowing users to share a specific chapter link.


  • The rich text edit menu in the content editor was getting cut off at narrow screen sizes. This should no longer be an issue.

  • Saving edits to a course was failing if saved immediately after saving Course Settings. This should no longer occur.

October 13, 2021


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Previously, there was an issue with new accounts created via SSO being pulled into Admin tools and Member lists correctly. This issue still exists, but we have added additional error handling to try and catch it.

October 12, 2021


  • Admins now have the ability to create a Credential from the "Edit" Credential menu inside the Course Editor! menu.


  • SVG file types are now, once again, allowed in the image uploader inside courses, pages, and announcements editors.


  • Empty/Untitled announcements were saving a draft after exiting the editor. This will no longer occur (to avoid clutter).

  • Pages/Collections were not showing tags when in the Resources tab. This should no longer occur.

  • Course Enrollment page prices were missing decimals. All prices will now display with proper 10ths/100ths places.

  • Course price was not showing inside the Course Settings menu. Prices will now show if one exists.

October 1, 2021


  • Admins can now publish Courses and Bundles on their own!

  • Course Settings (previously "Edit Details) has been overhauled, including integration of enrollment page fields and publishing checks.

  • Admins can preview enrollment pages before publishing, but the enrollment page won't be available until it is published!

  • Existing enrollment pages have been converted from HTML to rich text. All enrollment page fields/data have been migrated to the new Course Settings menu.


  • For tools that support it, you can now associate user ID to Iframes!


  • Some collections were throwing an error at mobile sized widths. This should no longer occur.

September 20, 2021


  • Group Invite links! Admins will now see a group invite link option in the management menu for groups. This will allow them to share a link with anyone to allow them to join the group directly.

  • Group invite UI Design: Users and visitors to the platform will see an interface to join a group with a description of its contents when viewing a group invitation link.

  • Preparation for work to support a future Zapier action to send group invite via email. We plan to improve our Zapier integration to include an action that will send a group invitation email based on the given criteria of the Zap.

  • Preparation for work to support a future Zapier action to add existing user to a group. We plan to improve our Zapier integration to include an action that will automatically join an existing Participate.com user to a group based on the given criteria of the Zap.


  • n/a


  • Navigating from course editor to credential creation menu would result in an error. Going directly from the course editor into the credential menu for Admins was consistently resulting in an error. This should issue should now be resolved.

August 31, 2021


  • Sitewide Breadcrumb navigation! You will now see a breadcrumb style header in most areas of the site which will help display site structure, as well as provide quick navigation links.


  • Interaction creation copy has been updated to be more clear.

  • The ability to add multi-section interactions has been removed. We hope this will reduce confusion for course takers in the future.

  • Added dedicated field for discussion preview text, rather than using a portion of the description.


  • Image uploads were allowing non-image files in multiple places. This should now provide an error indicating incorrect filetype instead.

  • Admins were missing the page cloning feature when course building was disabled in a community. This should no longer be the case.

  • Mentions made when editing an existing discussion comment were not firing a notification to the desired recipient. This should now be resolved.

August 20, 2021


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Zapier was not firing an on_course_enroll event when a user enrolled in a bundle (individual courses were unaffected). This is now resolved and we should fire an event no matter how a user enrolls in a course.

August 11, 2021


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Members with Discussion Management permissions were seeing a blank "Manage Community" tab. This should no longer be the case.

  • The tan community nav header (groups, and Manage Community pages) was running under some dropdown options. This cosmetic issue should now be resolved.

August 4, 2021


  • Group Direct Messages have arrived!

  • Desktop notifications for Direct Messages are here, as well!

  • Search for Direct Message conversations by participant name or content.


  • Login/Signup page branding has been updated. This matches other recent branding updates.

  • Translation improvements - csv's are now translated (may still be missing some aspects).


  • Group discussion preview text was missing on the group dashboard. This is fixed.

  • Users were unable to see the course reset progress button when not a member of a non-viewable community, but also enrolled in a course from said community. This is fixed.

  • Group member management menu was not updating. It should now stay up to date whenever a change is made.

  • Notifications page was showing an error due to some bad data states. These states will now be prevented and retroactively resolved.

  • Direct message unread message indicator (yellow dot) was not firing if the window was not opened. This should now fire whenever a new message is received.

July 14, 2021


  • Admins can now tag their communities with categories. These will appear for users to search by on the Discovery page!


  • Cosmetic update for the blue banner on Community Admin tools and Groups pages.

  • Users will now get an in-app notification when their roles/permissions are changed in a Community (by an Admin).

  • Collections embedded in courses/pages will now open in a new tab.

  • Navigation breadcrumbs (tan banner) will now be truncated if they are too long to reasonably fit.


  • The Participate logo was showing in place of the Community logo on bundle return headers. This is now resolved.

  • Text entered into a mentor-learner chat was "sticking" causing it to appear in Coursework where it had not been entered. This should no longer be the case.

July 8, 2021


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Hotfixed an issue with collections inside of collections not being linked/routing correctly.

July 7, 2021


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Hotfixed an issue with the email that is sent when a Credential is awarded to a user. It should now display the correct name of the credential, rather than random text.

June 24, 2021


  • n/a


  • Further translation improvements, including timestamps, and reduced size of translation files (faster loading).

  • Discussion creation now allows rich text edit/image/image galleries in the description!

  • Collections embedded in courses/pages now have our updated card look.


  • Max file size error was not reading out specific text. This has now been resolved.

  • "Max enrollment has invalid value" error was firing erroneously on pages/when updating course details. This should no longer occur.

  • Community invitation links were not popping the join/explore modal open. This now functions as expected.

  • Editing a resource in a collection was not updating the card. These should now show changes immediately.

June 16, 2021


  • n/a


  • n/a


  • Hotfixed a display issue for bundles not showing members as enrolled, preventing course access.

June 16, 2021


  • n/a


  • We continue to improve translations on our site and adding to missing areas!


  • Tags on cards were overflowing onto the stats display (discussion cards, community cards, etc.). This should no longer occur.

  • "Edit Resource" header on edit resource menu had a typo. This should be resolved.

  • Bundles were not viewable for logged out users when community was set to "viewable". These should now display properly given the correct community settings.

June 11, 2021


  • Community roles have been consolidated to Admin and Member.

  • Visibility settings have been simplified to 3 toggles.

  • DM's will now attempt to show urls as hyperlinks.

  • Images in discussions can be re-sized.

  • All cards have an updated look.

  • Members can now be granted granular permissions over announcements, discussions, and invitations by Admins.

  • Admins and Members will see breadcrumb navigation on Groups/Community Management menus.

  • Members can now see a "You" section on the Members tab.

  • Admins now have a "Manage" shortcut for the Manage Members menu and admin view of Groups.


  • Members will now be notified (in-app only) when added to a group.

  • Credentials can now have "0" learning hours on the creation form.

  • Credential creation form will select a community by default if only 1 is present.

  • @mention insertion improved to allow insertion in the middle of text.

  • Coupon code input will now trim leading/trailing spaces to prevent user error.

  • Admins can now see every place an announcement was sent from the announcement creation menu.

  • Global collection search has been removed.

  • Users can now reset their own course progress if they so desire.

  • Community Members can now be filtered by expertise tags!


  • File names with a "+" were not uploading properly. This is now resolved.

  • ToS window was failing to fire. This is now resolved.

  • "Copy" function for community invite link was failing. This is now resolved.

  • Admins were unable to clear course enrollment cap. This is now resolved.

  • Admins were unable to see the "action" menu on courses in groups. This is now resolved.

  • Credential images on completed courses were overflowing the bounding box. This is now resolved.

  • Course reports were loading slowly/not pulling all data into csv download. This is now resolved.

  • The "Cancel" button on the menu to edit collection settings was not functioning. This is now resolved.

  • Community invitations were not updating custom messaging when modified. This is now resolved.

April 30, 2021


  • n/a


  • Admins and Designers should now be able to insert a line break between content in the content editor (courses, pages, announcements). This should prevent scenarios where it is impossible to add a new blank line.


  • Archived group discussions were accidentally displaying on the groups dashboard and in inverse order. Archived discussions will now be properly hidden and appear in the correct order.

  • The user profile image menu "save" button was not animating to indicate loading. It should now animate properly.

  • Moderated discussion comments were not deleting associated resources. These resources should now be removed when a discussion comment is removed.

  • The discussion hyperlink menu was not automatically placing the cursor upon opening. It should now work properly and be ready to accept a hyperlink the second it is opened!

April 28, 2021


  • Community Admins can now delete groups!


  • Admins should now see all groups an announcement was posted to listed on the preview within the announcement creation menu. The announcement in the feed will still only contain groups that the Admin is a member of.

  • Announcement status (draft, published, archived) should now be much more clear in the announcement creation menu.

  • The announcement creation menu will now default to showing all announcements, rather than just those with a status of published.

  • Admins will now see an option to create a blank announcement, or one using our "Welcome" template.


  • The Participate logo on the Credential print out screen was huge. This was unintended and should now be a more reasonable size!

April 19, 2021


  • Community admins can now add a price to course bundles.


  • "Course playbook" button on the page and course design studio is now called "content playbook" to more accurately reflect what the playbook contains.

  • Clicking the "save" button in the General Settings section (for admins) now gives a clear visual indicator that saving was successful.

  • File size limits and related error messaging are now more consistent. File size limits are now 100MB across the site, and error messaging has been updated in each place where uploads occur in order to communicate this to users.

  • Community admins can now add mailto:[email] as a valid hyperlink in the content editor. This hyperlink should be available in the content editor for pages, courses and announcements.


  • Right and left-aligned images were causing text misalignment with the content editor. This should no longer occur.

  • The moderation modal was not functioning on discussions, nor was it sending when a user attempted to submit a report. This has been resolved.

April 7, 2021


  • Group discussion comment links were broken, landing users on a 404 error page. This should no longer be the case and all group discussion comment links should now direct users straight to the desired comment given that they have permissions to view the discussion in question.

April 5, 2021


  • Group members will now notice a new dashboard layout which should help consolidate a lot of the information they need into one easy to view area. This new layout will include a new card design– the first step in rolling out an updated look/feel for item cards across our site.

  • Users should notice a helpful return header when navigating to any item from a group tab. This return header should take the user back to the group/tab where it is located. For example, a group discussion should take the user back to the groups discussion tab.

  • Community admins can now add/remove courses, bundles, collections, files, links, and pages to/from groups. We believe that this will offer a much more robust group experience for members.


  • We have converted more of our old colors over to new colors to more closely match our new branding.

  • The remove members portion of the manage members menu for community admins has been tweaked to better accommodate mobile use. It should now be easier to see all of the buttons available.

  • The audience selector for announcements will now allow admins to send to the entire community without sending to any specific groups. The format of the selector should also be a bit more intuitive and will hopefully ease confusion.

March 26, 2021


  • Remove community member menu improvements! We have made some small changes to the menu for removing community members in order to make it more intuitive.


  • A handful of collections were returning a server error as a result of missing translations/problems with our translation code. This correct display of these collection has been restored.

March 23, 2021


  • When asked to change community visibility settings from the community checklist, admins will now be directed immediately to the intended "Advanced Settings" page to complete this task.

  • The flow to set up a new password will now be much easier for users who are batch enrolled into a community.

  • We've made improvements to our beta site translation option. Users will now see more areas of the site translated into new languages when selected.


  • Announcements email notifications were displaying in the sending user's selected language, rather than in the receiving user's selected language (as part of our beta translation feature). This has been corrected, and all incoming announcements should display in the selected language of the recipient.

  • Some course reports were failing to load because of user data misalignment. This has been corrected, and all community course reports should display accurately.

  • User avatars on direct message windows were not linking to profiles, as intended. This has been resolved; now, when a user clicks on another user's avatar within a DM window, they will be directed to the user's profile.

  • Community logos in some email notifications were very, very big. This has been corrected, and logos will now display at a reasonable size.

March 12, 2021


  • Users now have the ability to translate the site into multiple languages as part of our beta translation release! To access, click on the "Translate (beta)" button in the footer of the participate website. Current languages available include Spanish, French and Portuguese, with more to come. Please note: as part of this beta release, you may notice a few small bugs, untranslated text and hiccups. We're actively working to resolve these. We are also working with translators to ensure all translations are accurate.


  • The community checklist, available to admins, is now enhanced with welcome and explanatory videos for each of the three sections.


  • Custom text on community invitation emails was not formatting properly. This should no longer be the case, and all intended formatting (including line breaks) should be included with outgoing messages.

  • Links to resources on the community checklist, accessible to admins, should now open in separate tabs as intended. This will improve navigation difficulties.

  • We fixed a small typo in our community discussion tabs– "remaining" comments should now be spelled correctly.

February 26, 2021


  • Announcements sent to specific groups will now display a tag indicating which groups where they were posted, with a link to the group feed.

  • Community admins will see new filter options when managing members and creating groups. They can now filter by "all community members", "group members", and "non-group members" to facilitate a more efficient experience when trying to find/add certain members to a group.

  • Community invite emails have less Participate-branded copy and material. Community admins can add their own custom message and welcome members in the manner they choose.


  • Discussion mention notification emails had a stray underscore in the subject line. This should no longer be the case, and the email copy should be more streamlined.

  • Descriptions on card items (collections, discussions, courses, communities, etc.) were overflowing their allotted space. This has been corrected, and card preview descriptions should display as they previously did.

February 11, 2021


  • Community members will now find announcement and members in any groups they are a part of. These groups are all accessible under the "groups" tab of their communities.


  • Community admins now have the ability to remove members from their community via the Manage members section of their Manage community tab.


  • Community admins were unable to save community visibility changes. This has been corrected, and admins can now switch between hidden, private or public visibility settings without issue.

February 8, 2021


  • We've updated a few large images and color palettes across the site, to work toward a look and feel that is more consistent with our updated branding. More to come.


  • Longer names were causing a render failure (blank screen) when opening a direct message window. This issue has been resolved, and users with longer names can still use this feature without issue.

January 28, 2021


  • Community members can now access any groups they are a member of in a new groups tab. In their groups, they can view group discussions. More functionality coming soon!


  • Load time for discussions has been reduced.

  • For admins, "Invite members" menu should now accept more formats for email lists when the admin attempts to add many emails at once.

  • More new branding updates. You may notice some brighter colors across the site.


  • When two or more community admins were editing an announcement at the same time, the audience selector for the draft announcement would sometimes be inaccurate when the announcement was sent out. This has been corrected, and announcements will now publish to the audience selected on the current window.

  • Community invitation emails were not properly directing the user to their community after login. This has been resolved, and a user should now be able to successfully land in their new community once they've accepted the invitation and logged in.

January 21, 2021


  • We're excited to announce our new branding and logo! This updated look and feel is visible across our platform.


  • The new Participate logo icon has been improved on tabs for dark mode browsers.

January 14, 2021


  • In a discussion, @mentioning another user will now load more results to scroll through, and will allow for more than one search term. This ensures that users will be able to find and tag the intended user.

  • The new invite tool for admins under the "manage members" section will now provide an error when duplicated emails are present.

January 8, 2021


  • The community member invitation tool for admins was sending error messages when the admin included leading or trailing spaces in the added emails. This has been corrected; emails that are valid, regardless of leading/trailing spaces, will send successfully.

January 6, 2021


  • Community admins will now see all admin tools consolidated under a new "Manage community" tab. This tab will be the new home for general settings, announcements, groups, manage members (previously "invite members"), and reports. Each section will have a full page layout with a return header that will take admins back to the "Manage community" section.

  • Community admins will also see a "Community checklist" section under the Manage community tab. This interactive section will help our new partners become oriented and build their community. The checklist will help new admins invite other admins, add a logo/banner, establish a code of conduct and set up their community description. It will also contain tours of important community features.

  • A new "Manage members" section has been added to the community admin tools, improving the flow for inviting members (both individuals and many at once). Admins will also be able to see their pending invitations, current members, and will be able to download a members list from this view.

  • A new "Community best practices" section has been added to the community admin tools. This will enable admins to access important community building tips, tools and best practices in one central location.


  • The default logo and banner for Participate communities will be simpler and less Participate branding-centric.


  • Some posts in discussions and direct messages were posting twice or three times in a row. This has been corrected, and messages should be sent only once, as intended.

December 17, 2020


  • Editing a discussion post with images was causing the images to be deleted. This has been corrected.

December 16, 2020


  • Community discussions tab now offers the ability to filter by tags. This will make it easier for users to find the discussions they're looking for.


  • The popup "join" modal for some communities was broken, and preventing users from exploring and joining a community that was shared. This has been corrected, and when used, the "join" modal will display all intended options.

  • From a logged out view, the discussions tab on communities was returning a server error. This has been corrected, and the intended view of content should display.

  • Course tags were not displaying on the card view in a community. This has been corrected, and tags on courses should display if they exist.

  • Discussion text with no spaces was running off the right side of the page. These long, unbroken strands of text will now wrap automatically.

  • The "back" button on collections in a community was sometimes being applied to collections that were not actually in the community. This return header will only now display for users if they did indeed navigate to the collection from inside a community.

  • Twitch stream embedding in courses, pages and announcements was broken. This should no longer be the case, and embedded streams should appear as desired. *of note: Twitch videos will need to be embedded using iframes, not embedding.

  • Archiving a course or resource required a refresh to update the display. This has been corrected, and archived items should be removed from view immediately.

  • Numbering in our rich text editor was broken (on courses, pages and announcements). This has been resolved.

December 2, 2020


  • For community admins, the "Publish announcement" button will not activate until an announcement title has been added. This will prevent accidentally posting an announcement with an "Untitled" header.

  • Pages with a single chapter will no longer show chapter navigation.

  • Discussion file upload limit has increased to 100MB and will give an error if this limit is exceeded.

  • Community admins will no longer receive notifications when items are modified in the community collection.

  • Community admins will now see the ability to create API Keys in their profiles. This will allow admins to create "zaps" through our Zapier integration, setting them up to collect valuable community data.

  • Iframe embedding functionality and visuals have been improved; choosing html or url to embed has been simplified, iframes allow for popup windows to appear outside of the site for logins or other authorizations, and iframe windows no longer have a text header.


  • Filtering on community tabs and toggling back and forth on browser navigation was resulting in a render failure. This has been corrected, and should no longer occur.

November 20, 2020


  • When a community admin wishes to move an archived course or page back to an active state, the button will now read "Restore" instead of "unarchive." Restoring a page or course will restore it to its previous visibility setting, rather than just back to "draft".


  • Some links– including links internal to the Participate platform, as well as a few outside of the platform, were inaccessible to our link fetcher and not resolving when added to a discussion comment. Error handling for these types of links has been restored and should now warn the user that their link will not be added as a resource, but can still be added to their comment.

  • The banner indicating an awarded credential at the top of a coursework page (evidence of completed work) was not properly indicating the issuing organization. This has been fixed, and issuer information should appear correctly.

  • Admins were previously missing the ability to see the "Remove this resource" option on the context menu of the resource cards on their communities. This option should now display and be fully functional.

  • Announcements were being overwritten with the content of other announcements when exiting the editor using browser navigation. This should no longer occur when an admin navigates away from the announcement editor.

  • Discussion comments with images or files were not allowing edits to be saved. This has been corrected, and the posting user should be able to edit their comment without issue.

November 16, 2020


  • Users who observe direct messages or discussion posts that violate Participate's code of conduct are now able to directly report the content to our support team. Users whose posts are reported and are in violation with our code of conduct will have their message removed and receive communication from our team

  • Community admins now have the ability to archive courses and pages, and can filter their visibility options to easily access resources in both states.

November 4, 2020


  • Members of a group will now be able to see full announcement history of a group they join, regardless of when announcements were sent. This will allow new group members to catch up on group activity and history more quickly.


  • Text in direct messages was not wrapping properly and was hard to read. These messages should now have better text wrapping and should have line breaks at expected intervals that maintain full words, rather than cutting words up or leaving trailing letters.

October 30, 2020


  • Community admins now have the ability to reorder discussion cards on their community's discussion tab.


  • Direct message timestamps and visual design have been improved to provide easier readability. Messages will now appear as bubbles with color, and each timestamp will have more spacing around them.


  • Community email invitations to admins were not sending. This has been corrected, and all prospective admins will now receive an invitation email, as intended.

October 26, 2020


  • Community admins and designers now have the option to embed content from other websites in pages and courses using Iframes.


  • Participate staff now have the ability to customize the email invitation that is sent when users are batch enrolled to a community, course or group. This includes email subject, sender, body, and banner image.

  • All credentials earned by platform users will now include metadata when downloaded. This information will include date earned, issuer, criteria and other information.

October 14, 2020


  • Newly-launched communities will now have an editable welcome announcement template. This will help guide new admins as they welcome new members into their community.

  • Community admins now have the ability to reorder resources and courses directly from their respective tabs.


  • Clicking "resend" on an invitation to a community wasn't working properly. This has been corrected, and invitations will be resent as intended.

  • Sending multiple invites to a community at once was sometimes ending in error. This has been corrected, and all invites sent should now display and send correctly.

October 1, 2020


  • Community admins who edit and make final updates to announcements will now be displayed as the author of an announcement. Previously, the admin who originally drafted the announcement was displayed.

  • Community admins who use our SSO (Single Sign On) feature now have the option to send or not send our "Welcome to Participate" email when their members join.

  • Community admins now have the ability to add files directly to their resources tab.

  • Additional flexibility has been added for course designers when they are uploading images to course bundles. Multiple aspect ratios are now available.

  • The invitation menu for collections and communities has been updated with a simpler look and feel. Community invitation text has also been improved for community admins inviting additional members from their team to collaborate.

  • The "account settings" button has a new look, and has been updated to include explanatory text.


  • Collections embedded in a page or course were displaying resources out of order. This has been corrected.

September 1, 2020


  • Using Zapier.com, Community Admins and Course Assessors will now be able to pull data and trigger actions via our API! By using Zapier, users with certain permissions will be able to pull data and trigger certain actions on Participate.com. Here are some examples of what is possible: Community Invite: Admins will be able to trigger a community invitation using Zapier. Community Join: Admins will be able to pull data on who is joining their community using Zapier. Course Enroll: Admins will be able to pull data on who is enrolling in their course(s) using Zapier. Coursework Updates: Assessors will be able to pull data when Learners complete or edit coursework using Zapier.

August 28, 2020


  • Community admins now have the ability to publish pages– a feature previously only available to internal Participate staff.


  • Load times and live updates for discussions should now be faster. This will be especially noticeable for discussions where a large number of resources (images, and links) have been posted.

  • Discussion link uploader input field will now be active upon opening. Previously, pasting a link required dan extra click– we've improved this by having the cursor actively in the input field when the user opens the menu. This cuts the action down to a single click!

  • Community admins will no longer see a courses tab appear if no content exists within the tab. Visibility for Designers remains unchanged. Visibility permissions for Admins, when content is present, will remain unchanged.

  • Community admins will now see "Edit this resource" options to update the title and details of the resource/course card displayed on their community on items in the courses and resources tab. This can be accessed using the "..." context menu.


  • The password reset menu was not excluding spaces, resulting in no reset email being sent to users. This has been resolved, and the password reset process should occur without issue.

  • For community admins, the credential creation menu was clearing all fields if a required field was empty upon clicking "create". This has been resolved, and credential creation can proceed without issue.

  • The privacy policy/terms of service modal text was wrapping improperly on the menu. The text users see on the privacy policy and ToS acceptance modal will now wrap properly and should be able to be read regardless of device width.

August 11, 2020


  • A site-wide code of conduct is now available in the footer of the Participate platform. This will provide full transparency for all users into the expected behavior across our site.


  • Collection collaboration invitation email language has been updated. This should help users more easily understand the purpose of the invitation.

  • For admins: community collection titles will now update automatically when the community title is updated under the settings menu.

  • Credentials shared on social media (Twitter/Facebook) will now display the credential preview in the post.

  • Admins will now see a "+New" button on community resources tab with options for resource creation. This will allow community admins to add a link, page or collection to a community.


  • One pathway for editing pages was resulting in a server error. This will no longer be the case; navigation from the page view into the page editor should occur without issue.

  • On the “About” tab in a community, the Direct Message window would lose focus on every character entry. This has been corrected, and users should be able to input text into the DM window without issue.

August 7, 2020


  • Admins can now create and manage Group discussions for their community members! This will allow them to create and manage discussions which only admins and members of the group will be able to see and participate in.

  • Users will be able to participate in group discussions shared with them by their community admin.

  • Users and admins will now see a "group" icon on group discussions, to the right of the title. This will help both users and admins differentiate whether a discussion is intended for the whole community, or just for a group.

  • The admin view for group management has been re-designed to accommodate group discussions and future group features. This includes adding tabs to the left to hold group content (just dashboard and discussions for now).


  • When navigating to a collection from a community, users will now be provided with a convenient header link to get straight back to the community resources tab.

  • Links pasted into a discussion will now be automatically hyperlinked. This applies to complete urls.

  • Initial load time for discussions with a large number of comments will now be much faster.

  • Users and admins will now see an option to "copy link" on discussions to allow them to more quickly copy and share discussions.


  • Login and signup pages did not have consistent text styling; this has been corrected for consistency.

July 29, 2020


  • Community admins now have the option to download a csv file of their community members. This file will contain details including: date joined, email, name and community roles.

  • Users can now edit their own discussion comments and replies. Any edits will be accompanied by a small "edited" tag next to the timestamp to indicate that the content has changed.


  • Google docs, sheets and other resources added to a collection will now maintain their title and description when being added from one collection to another.

  • User profile settings management has been improved. Users can now more easily determine what is related to "profile" updates, as opposed to general account "management".

  • Login and signup pages now include an option to show or hide password.


  • Small cosmetic fix to gray headers on some modals– they should now display their standard (white) color.

  • The "Discover Courses" button was showing for an outside user when visiting someone else's profile. This has been corrected, and the button only displays for users when they're viewing their own profile.

July 9, 2020


  • An updated login and signup experience. This includes a number of visual improvements, toggling, a smoother path to explore and join new communities... and more!

  • Users without access to private community pages will see more welcoming information about how they can get involved with other communities on the site!Instead of simply seeing a page stating that they do not have permission to view the community, users will now see more information regarding how to discover other content on Participate.

  • Users who join a community by using the “Join Community” button will now see a welcome popup with confetti!

  • New users will now see a tour to show them around their home feed/dashboard. This will help educate our users about what is possible on Participate.com and what they can explore on the platform.

  • Admins now have the option of choosing whether or not our support staff should generate a welcome email when adding a group of members to a community,

  • Users will now receive a daily digest of their unread Direct Messages. At 12:00AM each day, users will receive a digest of the previous 24hrs worth of DM messages that they have not yet read. This email preference can be managed from the user profile.


  • Discussion editor button spacing, "selected" highlight, and small screen responsiveness have been improved.

  • Deleted discussion comments with existing replies will anonymize the user and remove the timestamp.

  • Discussion mentions are highlighted in yellow for the current user’s name, allowing users to more easily spot mentions and relevant content.

  • Discussion buttons now have hover-over tooltips on desktop.

  • The "subscribe", and "edit" buttons on discussions have moved to just below the discussion title/author plate and have updated designs.

  • Discussion placeholder text has been simplified and shortened. Users will now see shortened and simplified placeholder text on discussions.

  • Discussion "Participants" section will now update in realtime whenever a new user posts their first comment in a discussion, or when a person deletes all of their comments on a discussion.

  • Discussion comment reply dropdown will now remain open as the comment highlight fades.

  • Users will now see an updated design for the “Forgot Password” page.

  • Community admins can now designate “Admin” or “Learner” roles when inviting new users to their community.

  • Community invitation emails will now include the community logo, rather than the Participate logo.

  • "Discover Communities" and "Discover Courses" buttons will now remain on their respective home dashboard tabs for users, even after joining/enrolling in a community/course. This will enable easier discover of new communities and courses.

  • Mentors for formative review courses will now receive a notification each time a piece of coursework is updated.


  • The “Visit Resource” context menu option on community resources tabs was resulting in a server error. This option now directs the user to the appropriate page and function.

  • Un-enroll button was not showing on the context menu on mobile width devices. Users can now unenroll using the context menu on mobile, without issue.

  • Users navigating to a deleted reply to their discussion comment had no indication that the comment had been removed. Users will now see a trashcan icon and messaging to indicate a deleted comment.

  • Comment counts on discussion cards were not always updating properly. They should now reflect the accurate number of posts and replies.

  • Resources tentatively added to the text box in a discussion were being added to the "shared resources" section, before the comment was posted. Resources will now only be added to this section once the corresponding comment has been posted.

  • The "Add to Collection" option was displaying on community resource cards when the user was logged out, even though this was not a possible action to take. This option is no longer displayed.

  • Notifications were overflowing outside of the window on mobile devices and narrow screens. These should now adapt properly.

July 2, 2020


  • Multi-Community Support for LTI/SSO. A single set of keys for this available integration can now support any number of communities. This allows for a more seamless joining experience for members.

  • Community admins can now choose if replies to announcement emails return to the email address of the admin who sent it, or to Participate's no-reply address. Replies will go to Participate's no-reply address by default. Details can be found here.


  • Moving a chapter in a course or page was temporarily copying the content over to the chapter it was switched with, resulting in lost work. This has been fixed, and moving chapter content can be executed without issue.

  • Clicking "Unsubscribe from all" in the email preferences, under the user profile, was no longer un-checking all other boxes. This issue has been corrected.

June 26, 2020


  • Group announcement emails were not sending properly. This has been corrected, and group announcement emails will now be sent properly to the desired recipients.

June 12, 2020


  • Users can now delete their own discussion posts even when they have replies or likes attached - Users will now be able to delete their own discussion posts with replies and likes. For posts with nested replies, a message will display letting other users viewing the remaining replies know that the main post has been deleted. The replies nested underneath will remain unchanged. Posts without mentions will function as they do currently, and will be deleted with no extra messaging. They will simply disappear.

  • Comments/Replies in discussions can now be called out and highlighted for users to find more clearly. Comments, replies, and mentions in discussions can now be highlighted for users. This function will be seen when following links from emails and notifications to take users directly to the comment being referenced. No more digging around for comments or responses!

  • Confetti popup modal component- if a user joins a community by signing up, logging in, or clicking “Join” from a discussion page, then they will now see a confetti modal popup letting them know that they successfully joined the community and can now participate in the discussion. This confetti modal was made to be reused in other places, so we may be seeing more of it later!

  • Discussion reply and mention notifications have updated links to take users directly where the comment exists - We've improved the way members navigate to a mention or reply in discussions. Now when you receive a notification in the platform that you have a reply or have been @mentioned in a discussion, clicking the link will take you to the right place in the discussion. No more searching for the right spot!

  • Users can highlight text to hyperlink in the discussion editor - Linking a resource has now become even more easy! Simply highlight the text you'd like to link to in your comment and then click the linking icon. Paste in the URL in the window that appears next and click save! You're all set with the resource linked! Pasting just the url will insert the url text as a hyperlink.

  • Metrics for users joining a discussion/joining a community via discussion - We will now be able to gather metrics on users who join a community via the discussion page. This will allow us to support our partners efforts by providing better research and information.

  • Discussion comments, replies, and shared resource posting and deletion will now operate in real-time (no page refresh required) - Discussion comments, replies, and posted resources will now be visible as they occur in real-time. This will allow a more seamless interaction between users, as they will no longer be required to refresh the page to see new content.


  • Adding a link to a discussion no longer inserts a resource card (content block) - Users have come to expect that they will be able to add a link by hyperlinking text. In an effort to support this, we will be removing the content block that was previously created when adding a link.

  • The discussion editor will now always show rich text edit options - In an effort to make the discussion editor easier to use and more clear, the edit options will now always be displayed and available, rather than showing or hiding when the user clicks inside or outside of the input field respectively.

  • The discussion editor now allows users to insert a hyperlink - Users will now be able to insert a url into the link uploader on the discussion editor and it will be added in the input field as hyperlinked text.

  • Discussion mention, reply, and comment email notifications have an updated look and function! When you've been mentioned or replied to in a discussion, you'll receive an email with a few new improvements. The email will give you a short preview of the discussion comment text and clicking on the link will take you directly to the spot in the discussion thread where your response is waiting.

  • Google drive links will now provide a warning regarding sharing permissions when added to discussions - Google drive links that are added to the discussion editor will now give a warning to make sure sharing permissions are set properly. This is just a warning, it will not prevent uploads of google doc links that are set to private or other more stringent sharing settings.

  • Links no longer require http// or https// in order to be validated and added to the discussion editor - Links will now be validated regardless of if http or https are added at the beginning. This should help alleviate confusion that some users may have when posting mostly complete urls that are just missing that small piece.

  • Invalid urls can now be added to a discussion post with a warning - Invalid urls are now allowed to be added in the discussion editor, however, the user will be warned that the url does not appear to be valid before posting.

  • The discussion editor will now warn the user when a url seems invalid - Members can share resources in discussion. If you happen to enter an invalid url, a warning message will appear so that you can adjust the link. If you proceed with the invalid url it will be added to the message, but will not appear under the shared resources for the discussion.

  • The discussion editor will now have consistent button sizes for media and rich text edit options - Button sizes should now be normalized and consistent in both size and color.

  • Any place where we display an @mention (email, discussion) will now display the “@” symbol - in order to make it more clear that users can use the @ symbol to directly mention each other, all places where direct mentions occur will now include the @ symbol before the name.

  • Discussion options for link, file, and image upload will now open as a full screen popup on mobile. To help users see the menu more clearly, discussion editor options for file, link, and image upload will now pop up a full screen window allowing users to complete the desired action.


  • Discussion rich text options and attach buttons would “underlap” the post button at very narrow width screens (mobile) - Buttons on the discussion editor should no longer collide, overlap, or underlap each other on small/mobile screens.

  • Discussion card comment, and shared resources counts were incongruent with the actual count displayed in the discussion itself - The data displayed on the discussion card should now match what is shown in the discussion.

  • On small screens, discussion input box placeholder text would overflow the bounds of the input field and run off the right side of the screen! At a certain length, placeholder text will now be truncated with an ellipsis (...) in order to allow it to properly adapt to smaller screens.

June 5, 2020


  • Collection permissions will now be visible from the user dashboard view. From the collections tab of the user dashboard, a yellow tag will indicate include whether the user is the owner, a collaborator, or just subscribed to the activity that occurs on a collection.


  • Adding a primary image to a course was setting the maximum enrollment to 0, preventing further users from enrolling. Now, admins and designers taking this action should be able to do so without any effect on the maximum enrollment setting.

  • On courses, the type of review (Automatically Award Credential, Review on Submission, or Mentor Along the Way) was not visible after selecting the type and then publishing a course. Now, the review type that is selected on a course will be clearly indicated with a blue icon.

  • When adding a shared resource to a collection, the collection options displayed included collections that users were only subscribed to, but not an owner or collaborator of. Now, the only options visible while taking this action will be collections that users own or are collaborators on.

May 29, 2020


  • We are proud to bring our Direct Message experience to users on mobile devices. This will allow mobile users to have the same ability to connect with other members in their community in the same way that desktop users have been enjoying for a couple of months now.


  • The Direct Message window will now adapt better to small and medium width screens. This primarily includes allowing it to remain a small window on iPad pro and other medium width screens, while popping into a full screen window on smaller sizes.


  • Direct Message conversation index was misaligned on mobile. Users should find that on both desktop and mobile the conversation index names, timestamps, and messages should line up and wrap in a more visually pleasing way.

  • Direct Message window was not dropping when re-directing on mobile, or otherwise warning the user of the redirect. The modal will now drop when redirected. Any message progress will be saved and maintained the next time the user re-opens the same conversation as long as they are on the same browser session. If moving to a new browser session or clearing the cache, the user will lose saved draft messages.

  • Logging in or signing up from a collection collaboration invitation was resulting in a server error. Users should no longer experience server errors when entering the site via a collaboration invitation.

  • Collection links were missing their IDs when sharing via twitter. Users attempting to share a collection link via the twitter share button should now see that the url is fully formed and shareable.

  • Course cards in the community collection were sending community administrators to the enrollment page, instead of the assignment page. Admins will now be taken to the correct assignment page, and if the enrollment page is unavailable, then it will not display as an option.

  • Users were unable to add a custom image to a link or file when first uploading them to a collection. Users should now see that images loaded into the details section when adding a resource will immediately show the desired image on the card upon successful upload.

May 15, 2020


  • Password reset links now expire in 1-week (instead of 3 days). User's should no longer experience as many issues using a somewhat stale password reset link.


  • Community header was showing on private pages for non-members. The community header for private page type resources was being revealed to users when it should not have. This was leading to dead-ends and authentication gates, frustrating our users. This should no longer occur, as the header will now be hidden properly.

  • Closing out of an announcement from within mobile edit mode was deleting drafts. The announcement editor seemed to be "eating" drafts, resulting in frustrated admins. Closing out the mobile announcement flow when you are part of the way through will no longer delete your drafts!

April 24, 2020


Organization Admin Tools, Organization Hubs, Community Launchpad!

  • New customers going through the self-serve flow will see these new features, and the launchpad. Existing customers won't, unless they are manually toggled on/added as an owner to their respective org. Please consult with CS for plans to use these new tools in the future.

  • Organization Admin Tools: As an internal admin you will now see the new internal tools for new organizations, as well as organizations for every existing partner that we have. You will also have the ability to create new organizations, add yourself or others as organization owners, create community plans and set the launchpad to be visible or not (within community settings).

  • Organization Hub: Users who have been invited to be the owner of an organization will be able to see the org hub and the community plans available to them. No existing users will be added on deploy --- they must be manually added.

  • Community Launchpad: Communities set to "Launched" or "Unlaunched" will display the launchpad. All existing communities will be set to "Participate Managed" by default and WILL NOT show the launchpad. You must be an internal admin to toggle this setting.


  • The "Members" tab default page and filters have been improved.

  • The "Members" tab now displays All Members by default, rather than the summary page. The "New Members" filter has been eliminated and is replaced by the ability to Sort by "Newest" and "Oldest".

  • Partial keyword search is here!

  • Everywhere that keyword search exists now supports partial keyword searches by card title. Keyword search by tag is still supported for full terms. Misspelled words and words with extra letters (e.g. "exampke" or "exampleee") are not supported at this time. However, "examp" would be supported as a partial and would return results similar to "example".

  • The "Join the Discussion!" flow is vastly improved. If you are not a member of the community, or if you are not logged in, you should now see an option at the top of the discussion to complete the required action to get you into the discussion!

  • The hyperlink feature in the discussion editor now has its own icon. This should help our users more easily figure out how to add working links to a discussion.

  • Internal links, google docs, and links behind a login wall are now allowed in discussions. You will now find that you are allowed to add internal links and other links previously deemed "not public" or otherwise "inaccessible" to a discussion. You will still be warned that these links may not be public, but you will not be prevented from adding them.

  • Community Reports now have hyperlinks! Admins will now find user names and "credential awarded" statuses are hyperlinked in community reports. "Credential awarded" should take them straight to the user's badge page/certificate. Once there they can view the evidence or see information about when it was earned.

  • Community Report Export now only includes what is actually filtered. Admins will now find that the content exported from community reports will only include what is actually filtered and should match what they are viewing on their screen at the time of export.


  • Large communities were failing to publish announcements.

  • Communities with large user numbers (~1500+) were experiencing a bug which prevented publishing an announcement. This should now be resolved.

April 17, 2020


  • Our Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policy have been updated to include recent changes to age restrictions for users on our site. Age restriction changed to 16+ (was 18+).

  • The appearance of the yellow notification indicator has been improved on our solid white header. You should now no longer see a navy outline on the yellow dot on the bell and DM icons. This offers a cleaner look.


  • Collection embedding on a page or course was causing a "Not Found" error to display, until saving your work. Collection embeds no longer display an error and will show full content, even without saving your work in the editor.

  • Links for some sites (mainly youtube) were spinning and not resolving when attempting to upload to a discussion, or collection. You should now see that most links resolve in a reasonable amount of time and are uploadable (please let us know if you observe otherwise.

Background Work:

  • Styling updates for DM mobile work is ongoing. Many of the styling changes for DM mobile work were deployed, but they are hidden still, so you will not notice any changes on production.

  • Slate editor tests. A few versions of slate have been tested in order to determine the most stable upgrade. This will not affect production.

April 13, 2020


  • We wanted to be able to send announcements to smaller groups of users quickly in order to be able to provide the ability to follow up with users, to share with a certain subset of users specific information, and provide the foundation to allow certain users to enroll in courses easily.

  • Announcements work similarly to email: when you send it out, the people targeted get an email, and can see a copy of the announcement on the platform.

  • Ability to create groups within communities of users that belong to that community using a new UI for the purpose of picking out users

  • Ability to send announcements targeted to those groups

  • Ability to re-publish announcements to different group members, which when removed, removes the ability for members to see the announcement on the platform.

  • Announcement creation looks better on small screens.


  • Community Admins can now see Draft & Hidden Pages and Courses in their communities instead of just Published Pages and Courses

  • Announcements support for video thumbnails

  • Community Welcome Emails have better copy

  • Page cards now bring you to the page view

  • Course Bundle cards now will show when they're in "Draft" state

  • Collection Collaborators use the new Direct Message feature vs our old feature.

  • Collection resources now show a more specific type of collaborator name for users: Author, Collaborator, Commenter.

April 10, 2020


  • We ran into an issue where while populating a new data set that would allow Users to individually view Announcements instead of by communities and groups. Usually when someone receives an announcement, they get an associated email attached to it. That occurs when users are assigned to be able to view an announcement, and without that assignment, no one could view past announcements. When we populated the data, the application thought these were "new" published announcements, and thus, sent emails. We caught it happening around 10% of the way through the total announcements created --- some users got emails they shouldn't have.

March 20, 2020


  • All facilitators are displayed on the community About page, which was previously limited to four facilitators.

  • You can now filter for "Page" resources on the community resources tab (under the Type filter).


  • The font on the "Manage Communities" modal dialog is back to what it once was, after an accidental change.

  • The discussion message composition area will not expand to the right even when challenged with extremely long URLs (or typing without spaces).

March 17, 2020


  • Discussion message composition will now correctly wrap text instead of growing infinitely wide.

March 16, 2020


  • Announcement emails have been updated to new design and no longer include extra lines on bulleted items

  • New default banner for communities

  • DM message window no longer cut off after three lines (and handles scrolling)

  • DM message delivery is now slightly faster


  • DM message input is now appearing in Safari

  • Mentorship and Feedback empty form now appears when it should:

  • Prevent an error on the home/courses tab when searching using certain special characters.

  • Prevent some error cases that could be encountered when scrolling on community pages.

  • Correctly hide DM functionality from iPads

March 9, 2020


  • Course cloning is now more friendly: You can give the clone a name, and will be redirected to the cloned course after creation, along with a very supportive "success" message.

  • Course cloning is even more friendly: When cloning a course with a credential, the credential is not copied to the clone. This helps prevent accidentally assigning the same credential to multiple courses.

  • All things previously known as "Organization" are now "Community" across the board.

  • All things previously knows as "Peer Review" are now "Mentorship and Feedback".

  • Announcement creation & editing is now doable on mobile devices.

  • Users now have more control about which emails they want to receive: There’s a new "Email Preferences" option under the gear icon on the profile page, where you can individually enable/disable emails about announcements, discussions, and more.

  • Discussion messages & Direct messages now have a plain text representation in the database to support reporting & analysis needs.

  • When signing up, new users will receive a new & improved welcome email from our distinguished CEO.

  • The "Mentorship and Feedback" page now shows friendly messaging when there’s nothing to review.


  • The button on the product page would incorrectly say [Enroll Free] when a user is enrolled via course bundle. Now it correctly says, [Resume Course].

  • When discussion messages are deleted, any associated files/resources will be removed from the resource listing in the sidebar. The context menu for cards in collections was hiding some of the available actions when viewing on narrow (mobile) screens. Now you get the skinny on all of ’em.

  • Alternating between adding files and links to a collection used to cause an error. Now we’re error free.

  • User profile pages are now viewable, without error, by anonymous (logged out) users.

  • Viewing About and Members tabs on a Community when logged out no longer causes an error.

February 7, 2020

New Features:

  • When enrolling in courses and course bundles, users will automatically be joined to the appropriate community. Automatic community joining excludes school, district, and private communities, and there are additional conditions if the course is exposed in multiple communities.


  • The community shown on the course page, is very likely (though not guaranteed) to show the user a correct community, rather than always showing the community that owns the course. In short, it attempts to find a community that the user and course both have in common.

  • after enrolling in a course, the user is automatically redirected to the course page.

  • messaging after a user has enrolled in a course or bundle is a bit better and provides a link to the user’s course listing.


  • Removed duplicate row from reports, caused by either:

  • multiple badge requirements for a single course

  • a course being assigned both directly and indirectly via course bundleMonday, March 9th 5: 19

February 4, 2020

New Features:

  • Formative Review has launched!


  • Better messaging on our login & signup forms depending on the action which triggers it


  • Cloning a course no longer make the page unresponsive

  • A new (empty) course bundle page no longer refers to the defunct "studio" page.

January 23, 2020


  • Learning products now provide a link back to the related course

  • Learning product discussions now appear directly in the page, rather than as a modal dialog that required a button click to display

  • Updated Terms of Service

  • Learning products link pack to the peer review listing page (if you’re a peer reviewer)

  • Community collections no longer show up in a user’s personal collection listings

  • Previously overlapping modals for ToS and joining a community now play nicely together.


  • Alert dialogs are no longer squished on small screens

  • Page to page linking now works correctly without requiring a page refresh.

December 11, 2019

New Features:

  • From now on, new resources, courses, course bundles, and pages will appear at the top of communities.


  • Minimal header on Learning Product page for that sleek experience.


  • Community designers can reorder course bundles (as well as instructional designers)

  • Joined date for facilitators matches on ‘About’ and ‘Members’ tabs

  • Notifications dropdown now fullscreen on mobile (instead of running off the screen)

  • Visual work for direct message dropdown, inbox & bottom-anchored individual conversations.

November 22, 2019

New Features:

  • Links can now be added directly to community resources.


  • When purchasing a course, the price on the "Pay" button is updated to reflect the discounted price when a coupon is applied.

  • Course Designer now able to reset course progress on courses owned by organizations where they are a designer.


  • Fixed the alignment & position of buttons and checkboxes when selecting communities for announcement delivery.

November 22, 2019

New Features:

  • Courses in course bundles can now be reordered:


  • Update to the existing privacy policy

  • Add rate-limiting to the API to protect the site against bad actors or misbehaving browsers

  • The login form now works seamlessly with Google Chrome auto-fill.


  • Minified header’s login and signup buttons have been updated to be viewable against a white background

  • Fixed product page enrollment button to work with batch enrollment

  • Clear badge & product create/edit forms after they’ve been submitted

  • Make invalid page slugs report a "Not found"

November 20, 2019

New Features:

  • A new "Slackhouse" integration to deliver comments from Clubhouse directly to you in Slack, but only for stories you’re associated with or direct mentions.

November 14, 2019

New Features:

  • Ability to filter peer reviews by "available for review"

  • Partner reporting only includes courses which are in the community

  • Create new products in the new Admin: Products section.


  • User profile browser tab displays user’s name when viewing another user’s profile

  • Update peer review to not reload the page when the discussion is closed

  • Clicking "See More" when a sorting/filter menu is open no longer snaps the page back to the top.

November 5, 2019

New Features:

  • Empty state for Community and Course discovery pages (Result not found)

  • Configure internationalization in frontend (the beginning of our app being in new languages)

  • Create collection directly in a community:

  • SFS updates (radio buttons unable to be clear, all options available, etc. )

  • Assessment Card to properly show updated dates, with sort ability added

  • Search, filter, and sort products in the new admin tools


  • Peer review release directs back to peer review page with success message

October 24, 2019

New Features:

  • Update "Badge" verbiage to "Credential"

  • New Admin Users section with search, filter, sort component and "see more" pagination; includes ability to create users

  • Temporary empty state design added to badge index page

  • Standardize and center "New" button on announcements

  • Global header updates (white and less branded) when viewing a community


  • Update draft pages to not be visible to learners


  • Upgrade Babel/Jest and fix affected tests

October 16, 2019

New Features:

  • Batches are here: New internal admin tools to manage batches of users, enabling user creation/import, assigning users to communities, enrolling users in courses, and viewing the history of these actions

  • Navigation improved: side bar nav for communities and user home page now stays with you as you scroll instead of the header


  • course report CSV exports are available for all years again

October 4, 2019

New Features:

  • All new user profile page with enhanced mobile support, communities list, searchable collections/credentials/courses, and easier administration

  • Admins can now unenroll users from courses AND bundles on their profile page

  • Updated headers with community links on courses, pages and products

  • New community marketing URL which triggers a dialog to join the community


  • discussion replies no longer occasionally double post

  • redirect to cloned course after cloning

  • collection items no longer cause issues after deletion

  • /users/me URL directs to each user profile again

September 24, 2019


  • Updates Documentation Link for V2 Courses

  • Allow users to see collections when they are the only community resource

  • Announcements now get sent to all recipients instead of about 1500.


  • CSV’s are now importing correctly on Batches

  • A ton of new Batch functionality is dropping

  • Award Badges now exists on the new user profile

  • Shortcodes and Org IDs are now visible for admins & account managers.

September 12, 2019


  • to dialog mobile views


  • Removed resource "quick view" from places


  • discuss breadcrumb was directing to the wrong place

  • Resolved designer community collection permissions

  • Performed a global schools clever import

  • Made it so instructional designers can always see peer review page & content

  • Ported managing organizations to the new user profile

  • Set up batch actions & csv import with more error handling & frontend support

  • cloned course was carrying over "published" status

  • cannot create/manage products with the "product administrator" role

  • Fixed some spacing issues on dialog buttons

September 5, 2019


  • Remove old marketing integration code

  • Authorized page creation by users with the system role of Instructional Designer

  • Made sure users can message another user

  • Better informed users when not authorized to view a page, focusing on community invitations


  • course name update wasn’t updating sort order in courses

  • Added remaining cards into storybook

  • school year on reports to be the correct (current) school year

  • Added home and discover sections in the hamburger menu on mobile

  • Fixed legacy . . . /home community links

  • Renamed filter course to community on community disc page

  • Documented Carousel and Carousel-slide components in storybook

  • Changed community leader to be called community facilitator

  • Updated user settings form

  • Removed home link from displaying in header when logged out

  • Removed simple legacy toolbars

  • error on community feed

  • Removed grade level from user profile form

  • Added an administrative requirement to view /organizations or /marketplace pages

August 23, 2019


  • with editing a batch / clearing original batch name

  • Added ability to batch process community assignment

  • Added ability to batch process course enrollments

  • course cards weren’t displaying status under certain scenarios


  • Presented signup and login buttons to logged out users

  • Added ability to list users in batches

  • Added empty states for all of the community tabs

  • Added "myself" & "no owner" to peer-review filter

  • joining community by invite in the restructure

  • errors that occur from visiting site logged out and then logging in

  • Hid the resources tab if no published courses or other resources were present

  • Hid discussion call to action when users are logged out

  • Added a redirect back to private/invited communities after login

  • Removed cards from styleguide

  • Created a storybook entry for Grid component

August 9, 2019


  • On tablets & iPads, our spacing was marginal. They now have proper margins.

  • Our favicon was lost in the dark. . . for browser tabs in dark mode and Firefox all the time. We added a white background to make our logo visible.

  • We prepared / built into the restructure (currently beta mode) the ability to create pages of all kinds: Go forth and generate all the content.

  • We built out the new interface component for selecting public, hidden, private courses in preparation of rolling our visibility conventions into courses.

August 9, 2019


  • Course bundles are now visible in home --> courses tab in beta

  • Course bundles and courses are both now un-enrollable in beta

  • Admins can now update a school’s district in beta

  • Fixed issue that prevented #discussion links in courses from opening discussion window

July 26, 2019


  • The illustrious paragraph tag, wrapped in the abstract

  • React element has now been documented

  • MiniEditor alert messages were getting a little big for their britches. We took them down a peg or two.

  • Community Admin can now successfully delete an invitation.

  • Mac OSX allows total control and domination of scrollbars

  • our scrollbar on the user card now defers to Apple standards

  • We manifested redesign of horizontal tabs in code, coming soon to a user profile near you

  • Omni-auth security is a bit unreliable these days, we punted on accepting them back into our lives until they’ve made some changes to better themselves

July 12, 2019


  • Beautified navy global navigation top bar, with unread notification indicator

  • Button for course & course bundle creation in beta

  • Links to single announcements from the user feed in beta

  • Set up Segment event tracking to cover all legacy events and new high-priority beta events, including:

  • Searching for communities and courses

  • Viewing announcements from email links

  • Viewing discussions, collections, and communities

  • Created the beginnings of batch processing (of users) for administrators: a data model and design mockups


  • V1 courses defaulting to V2 editor

  • Overpowered community admin permissions (editing user profiles, etc)

  • Wonky mentioning (page refresh required, no insert in text blocks)

  • Mobile navigation buttons getting pushed off-screen

Friday, July 19


  • Facilitated moving courses between communities: now they are automatically added as a draft to the new community and removed from the old community

  • Initiated use of a visual diff tool, Percy to help our dev + QA teams prevent visual regressions

  • Added the ability to create and view batches

  • further progress on our admin mass user-processing tool

  • Members SFS inconsistencies

  • Datetime for CSV reports not displaying in Excel

June 28, 2019


  • Peer-review discussions have more descriptive titles and buttons

  • Community discovery now supports filtering by category

  • Notifications are much more pleasing to the eye

  • Subscribed & collaborated collection now see those now appear in the user’s home collections view

  • Event tracking in beta mode for actions that modify data

  • peer-review (assessment) search count & pagination

June 22, 2019


  • add a type (video, webpage, etc. ) filter to community resources page

  • fix "Your courses" links on course discovery page

  • add descriptions to cards on user courses page

  • rename "assess" to "peer review" and sort learning products in reverse-chronological order

  • show originating community on announcements in user feed

  • add community collection editing

  • hide the courses tab in communities (for learners) when there aren’t any published courses

  • allow discussion comments immediately after joining a community

  • add discussion creation

  • add collection creation

  • add community user invitations

  • make new users part of the beta automatically

  • search & filter community members

  • fix duplicated tags in some search-filter-sort tag controls on non-beta

  • fix error when logged-out and viewing an assignment (course taking) page. Now presents a login prompt

  • collections with more than 50 items can be reordered

  • prevent beta banner from covering up controls on announcement editing page

June 21, 2019


  • add a type (video, webpage, etc. ) filter to community resources page

  • fix "Your courses" links on course discovery page

  • add descriptions to cards on user courses page

  • rename "assess" to "peer review" and sort learning products in reverse-chronological order

  • show originating community on announcements in user feed

  • add community collection editing

  • hide the courses tab in communities (for learners) when there aren’t any published courses

  • allow discussion comments immediately after joining a community

  • add discussion creation

  • add collection creation

  • add community user invitations

  • make new users part of the beta automatically

  • search & filter community members

  • fix duplicated tags in some search-filter-sort tag controls

  • fix error when logged-out and viewing an assignment (course taking) page. Now presents a login prompt

  • collections with more than 50 items can be reordered

  • prevent beta banner from covering up controls on announcement editing page

June 13, 2019


  • prevent peer-reviewers from "un-claiming" an assessment after awarding a badge

  • make community categories/tags editable

  • (beta) smooth some page-dependent transitions when joining/leaving beta

  • (beta) fix sort order of discussions in a community

  • (non-beta) add community course filtering for designers


  • fixed courses that were in an invalid state (published, but without an associated product)

  • fixed course display when a user is viewing their own profile

June 3, 2019


  • white background on non-beta pages when in beta mode (they were a little gray)

  • Show "featured" communities first on the beta community discovery page


  • Fixed error viewing learning products when logged out

  • Fixed payment error for paid (marketplace) courses

May 30, 2019


  • display the default logo & banner for communities without custom images

  • prevent images, etc. from overflowing in the announcement feed

  • enhance resource preview/modal "Visit" button, by making it work

May 30, 2019


  • Restructure limited beta release

  • Courses and bundles must now be explicitly released with a "published" toggle

  • Draft courses and bundles are now visible to designers in their community

  • Fixed: reporting on badges ed by month

May 8, 2019


  • Removed duplicate entries in community reports

  • Improved chapter navigation on mobile

  • Allowed users to preview old courses in beta as "under construction"

  • Changed handling and recommended size of banner images to maintain resolution

  • Converted some pop-up alerts to our custom components for consistent style


  • Broken avatar images on beta staging

  • Consistent page titles (in browser tabs)

May 2, 2019


  • which prevented badges from being viewed anonymously

  • Archived discussions are now protected from modification

April 24, 2019


  • Interaction editing on completed courses

  • "Next" interaction in a course was acting funny, but it works now.

  • Pagination? It works.


  • Updated the spacing between cards to be more uniform across the site

  • Lots of updates to add uniformity for our Alerts

  • Updated our UserMenu, you should check it out: (Especially on mobile)

  • We have made great progress on our Beta version (more to come in the near future)

March 14, 2019


  • New announcement emails… you can see all the content

  • We made the initial page load a little faster by deferring code for infrequently accessed pages.

  • The user menu (shown when clicking your avatar) now includes links to admin tools

March 12, 2019


  • Discussion archiving and un-archiving.

  • User search for mentions in discussions is now scoped to users in the community.


  • comment order/duplication on peer-review discussions

  • Fixed some learning product pages with uploaded files resulting in a blank page.

  • Fixed vertical alignment of buttons in dialog windows.

February 20, 2019


  • The Mini editor is now live in discussions

  • Users can now unenroll from bundles themselves

  • Staging emails will now be restricted to participate. com email addresses

  • Created task to archive Twitter Chat transcripts


  • Fixed logging in to staging causing a logout on production (and vice versa)

  • Fixed links and files not appearing in discussion "shared resources"

  • Fixed CSV exports

February 6, 2019


  • new lighter theme for menu bars

  • fix to prevent "unsaved progress" prompt from appearing when inserting a collection into a course

January 29, 2019


  • fix for community carousel scrolling

  • fix for discussion user mentions occurring at the end of a message

  • fix for unenrolling from a course using the context menu

  • link users mentioned in discussions to their profile page

  • removal of the legacy "collection groups" page

January 16, 2019


  • preparations for HubSpot cutover

  • attaching files and Google docs in our mini-editor

  • improve security of intercom interactions

  • allow removal of uploaded images in various locations

  • improved accessibility for page navigation

  • speed up the community page by deferring user data until the tab is clicked

  • mentions in discussions (and related notifications)

  • use "Participate" as the issuer for badges

  • work on components for the redesigned search/filter/sort

  • new minimal footer

  • discussion comments display in order

  • alert for unsaved changes in the course editor

  • allow email addresses with newer top-level domains


  • display of the mention autocomplete

  • display of discussion participants in the sidebar

  • deleted page redirects that are now handled in HubSpot.

December 7, 2018


  • Discussions now support rich text (bold, italic, lists, etc. ) Next month we will have an elegant new "mini editor" that makes rich text and attachments more streamlined, but in the meantime, highlighting text will show the rich text context menu.

  • File uploads now have a nice display in learning products (no more broken image icons)

  • We’re now running the Puma web server. That means we can handle big groups of users more easily

November 9, 2018


  • We had a micro-deploy today that allows deletion of discussion messages, but only if the message has not received any replies or likes. There's a follow-up story to allow messages with replies/likes to be replaced with a placeholder message to convey "This message has been deleted", while still retaining replies/likes and preserving the structure of the discussion.

November 5, 2018


  • We upgraded the "glue" that binds the site together, making for an overall faster experience

  • We improved initial site load time by removing tons of old javascript and CSS

  • Forms and inputs now have a consistent user experience site-wide

  • Having lots of unread notifications will no longer slow the site down

New Features:

  • Single sign-on LTI authentication

  • New Instructional Designer role allows internal users to view all courses and assignments

  • Community moderators can now delete discussions

  • Announcements now send email notifications

  • Print Badge page now works for everyone

October 22, 2018


  • Removed internal staff from community reports

October 9, 2018


  • Users can finally search, sort, filter in the studio tab

  • back by popular demand: a static password reset page

  • v2 learning products are now claimable by reviewers…making peer review much easier

October 3, 2018


  • The most noteworthy change in today’s deploy is an adjustment to the search results: search will only surface public collections for the time being.

September 3, 2018


  • URL-ified individual tabs on dashboard/community

  • New editor features: add hyperlinks to images, hero images

  • New ‘community designer’ role

  • Updated global search design (including scoping results to show only collections)

  • Updated dialogs/pop-ups across the platform (part of usability

  • Updated tags input component (part of usability)

  • Redesigned authentication/signup screens (part of usability)

  • Batch assigned DoS courses to all CETs

  • New ‘buttons’ component (part of Angular removal)

August 7, 2018


  • Course bundles: added Image galleries in courses

  • Ability to feature a community

  • New tag input component for communities (‘learn’ tab)

  • Updated buttons across the platform (from red to blue, custom component)

  • Moved chats into ‘resources’ tab

  • New ‘tabs’. ‘tooltips’ and ‘drop down’ components (part of Angular gutting)

July 5, 2018


  • New reports design for communities (including filters and CSV export)

  • New filters for ‘resources’ tab

  • New filter and search options for ‘learn’ tab

  • Added tags to course cards

  • Ability to insert a collection in a (V2) course

  • "Sticky" course navigation

  • Smarter results in user search (prioritize users from the same community)

  • Remove old Global Schools courses from communities and users

  • New visibility settings for communities: public/hidden/private


*If you have questions or need assistance, contact our Support Team at support@participate.com or use the chat icon on the bottom-right corner of any page on www.participate.com.


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