Contribute to active discussions,share your thoughts, and questions with your community members via rich-text comments, multimedia links and attachments to engaging resources and content.


Get started by placing your cursor into the Comment box under the topic heading.

Start typing your comment!

Use the text formatting tools at the bottom of the comment window to bold, italicize, bullet () or numerate (1, 2, 3) parts of your comment.

When you're ready to post a comment, simply click on the [Post] button.

Edit a comment

Make changes to comments you've posted, by clicking on the (3 dots ...) located to above your comment and choose to [Delete] or [Edit] your comment.

Reply to a comment

If you'd like to engage another community member by responding to their comment, then you can add a 'reply' to another person's comment. The same rich-text options are available when replying in a thread.

Show that you "Like" a discussion comment or reply

If you want to show that you agree with or support another community member's comment, click the thumbs up icon below that member's profile image, next to the comment or reply that you like!


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