Share your thoughts and questions with your community members via rich-text comments and multimedia links and attachments to engaging resources and content.


Once you've joined a community and are ready to contribute to active discussions, you will find a variety of ways to share your thoughts and point your peers and colleagues to valuable resources and helpful content.

Get started by placing your cursor into the Comment box under the topic heading.

Add a comment

When you're ready to post a comment, simply type your message into the Comment box. Many rich-text formatting options are available, including bold and italic text and bulleted or numerated text.

Reply to a comment

If you'd like to engage another community member by responding to their comment, then you can add a 'reply' to another person's comment. The same rich-text options are available when replying in a thread.

Please note: to post a 'Reply' to another person's comment, type your reply in the box underneath the comment you're responding to. If you'd prefer to post a comment for everyone in the discussion, then post a 'Comment' at the top of the page instead.

Hyperlink text in a comment or reply

If you want to point discussion readers to an online resource, it's easy to create a text link and hyperlink viewers to the website you'd like them to view. Just click and select the text you'd like to use as your link, then click the link symbol in the toolbar below.

In the pop-up box that will appear, paste the website link that you'd like to point readers to. Once the link has been found, click [Save] to save this hyperlink. As soon as you're ready to share, click the [Post] button to post your new hyperlink! You can also apply formatting to hyperlinks to highlight links in bold, italics and bullets!

Show that you "Like" a discussion comment or reply

If you want to show that you agree with or support another community member's comment, click the thumbs up icon below that member's profile image, next to the comment or reply that you like!

Mention someone in a comment

If you're replying to someone directly, or if you want to bring attention to a specific comment or resources in a discussion, you can "mention" a friend, colleague or peer. To "mention" someone --- and trigger a notification to them --- just type the "@" symbol before the person's name. You see a list of community members appear that you can select from. The person's name will be highlighted in bold, blue text.

Receiving a mention notification

When you @mention someone in a discussion (or they mention you), the person mentioned will receive a notification that they've been mentioned in a discussion. Everyone will receive an in-app notification in the notifications section of their account when they login to Depending on each person's email preferences, they may or may not also receive an email notification.

In the notification, the person mentioned will see that they've been mentioned, along with a link to the discussion where they were mentioned.

Clicking on the discussion link in the notification will take the person directly to the location where they were mentioned. This is also true for email notification links.

Receiving a reply notification

Similar to mentions, if you reply to another community member's comment (or if they reply to yours), the person who posted the original comment will receive a notification that someone replied to their comment.

Clicking on the discussion link in the notification takes the person directly to the reply, which is helpful in active discussions. This is also true for email notification links.

We hope you enjoy participating and connecting with your fellow community members in our active and engaging discussions. Share your thoughts, questions, and favorite resources, and start building your professional learning network now!


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