Mention someone in a comment

To mention someone, type the "@" symbol before the person's name and select the person's name, highlighted in bold, blue text,

Receiving a mention notification

Any person mentioned in a discussion will receive a notification that they've been mentioned in a discussion. The notification will show a link to the discussion, and the mentioned comment. Click on the mentioned link in the notification to be directed to the discussion.

Everyone will receive an in-app notification in the notifications section of their account when they login to

Notifications are only sent to via email if, email notifications are turned on for discussions.

Receiving a reply notification

Similar to mentions, if you reply to another community member's comment (or if they reply to yours), notifications will be sent in-app and/or email.

Clicking on the discussion link in the notification takes the person directly to the reply, which is helpful in active discussions. This is also true for email notification links.

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