There are three settings to choose from when launching your community: Discoverable, Joinable, and Viewable. Read on to learn more about what each of these settings means for you, your community and your community members.

Menu Options


Toggling Discoverable on will make your community display on the Community Discovery page on It will also allow your community to be found via internet browsers. This is generally recommended for those wanting to attract new community members or gain traffic on their content.

Pair it with both Viewable, and Joinable for a community that is fully accessible to anyone!

Turn it off if you want to keep your community hidden to all except for people you invite, or give a link to.


Toggling Joinable on will display a "Join" button on your community, allowing anyone who can view it to join. This is recommended for those who want an easy way for their audience to join their community without an invite.

Be aware, if they cannot view the community, a prospective member will be unable to see the join button and complete the process to become a member. Consequently, this setting is best paired with Viewable.

Turn it off to keep membership in your community by invitation only.


Toggling Viewable on will display your community page and all of the tabs/content to anyone with a link to your community. Please note that non-members may still be able to access specific content in your community depending on the settings (like a Public page), regardless of the Viewable toggle.

Pair it with Joinable, to create a community that is easy to explore and join by anyone who has access to it!

Turn it off to keep your content more guarded behind membership in the community. Below is what visitors to your community will see if they try to view a community that is not Viewable.

When a community is not Viewable

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