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Create Engaging Content with Iframes
Create Engaging Content with Iframes
Discover creative ways to integrate your third party tools with Participate.
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As a community facilitator or designer, you may find that you'd like to guide your community members to engage in content that lives outside of the Participate platform. Our platform pages and courses support this ability for many tools using Iframes.

What is an Iframe?

An Iframe, or Inline Frame, is a way to display content from one website on another website. Community admins and designers have the ability to use Iframes to enhance their pages and courses on Participate.

What are the steps to embedding an Iframe?

1. In either a page or course you're creating, click the + button to select content to embed. Select "Iframe".

2. There are ways to embed content. You may either:

  • Copy/paste the url of the site you'd like to embed and select the corresponding image height, or

  • If available, copy/paste the html embed code provided by the site you wish to embed. This is typically available under a "share" section, perhaps with a < > symbol. This option will automatically select the image height.

If you choose to use a url, consider setting it at 600px. This setting will display nicer for most viewers' screen displays and make the full Iframe window visible from their typical view.

3. Click the blue "Insert" button. The embedded content will display with a blue outline.

4. To view what the final embedded content looks like for your community members, save your changes and click "view page."

What does this look like on Participate?

Here's a brief video showing an example of this process– first using html embed code, second using a url and image height.

What sorts of sites can I embed?

There are a lot of options! Here are just a few that we've seen our partners use:

You may find a site or two that does not embed correctly, often because the third party site does not allow for this kind of embed.

Questions? Comments?

Let us know! Please don't hesitate to reach out using our blue support chat icon. We're here to help!

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