What should I report?

Direct messages or discussion posts that are discriminatory or offensive in nature or contain spam, advertisements, copyrighted material or malware should be reported. Our platform-wide code of conduct outlines expected behaviors for all users on Participate.

How to report content

  1. In either a discussion or direct message conversation, click on the three dots next to the post you'd like to report. Then, click "Something's wrong."

  2. Select the reason you'd like to report this post, and provide additional details if possible. Submit the report using the red "Report user" button.

  3. After submitting, the post will be hidden from your view. To view the comment as it's being reviewed, you can click "show comment."

What happens when I report content?

The Participate support team will review the reported content and determine if it violates our code of conduct.

  • If it does violate our code of conduct, the post will be removed and the reported user will be notified.

  • If it does not violate our code of conduct, we will dismiss the report and let you know why we chose to take this action.

What happens with repeat offenses?

Each case will be thoroughly evaluated by the Participate support team, and swift and appropriate action will be taken. Users who violate our code of conduct twice will have their account suspended. Further offenses may result in account termination.

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