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Using Participate's Zapier templates
Using Participate's Zapier templates
Check out our list of pre-built Participate templates to help automate your workflows.
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If you're ready to automate your most common workflows, the Participate platform offers an app on to help you take community and course management to the next level. Zapier's library of web apps include over 2,000 common, cloud-based solutions to help you manage your workflow.

If you're just getting started, we recommend that you read our Getting Started with Zapier guide. Once you're ready to create and customize your own zaps, use the links below to start adding pre-built zap templates to your Zapier account dashboard.

⭐️Find our pre-made Zapier templates in the Participate Integrations Library on⭐️

Some Popular uses for Zapier with your Participate Community:

When new members join (or leave) your community

Do you want to have a record for each new member who joins that you can share with your team or analyze later? Or do you want to be notified immediately each time a new member joins your community? Would it be helpful to create a CRM contact record each time your community grows?

If so, the templates below can help you create simple workflows to analyze your member information and get notified in real-time.

  • Record data about your new community members as soon as they join your community. You can use this record to share with your team, run data analysis, and create beautiful graphs and charts to show your community's growth.

  • Receive instant notifications in Slack when new members join your community. Get real-time information and manage external tasks quickly and effectively.

  • Connect your customer relationship management (CRM) system to Participate to create new contact records each time a new member joins your community.

When new learners enroll or progress though in a course

Do you want to provide just-in-time support to your new learners? Do you need to make sure your instructors know when their online classes are active? Do you want to guide learners to the next great thing as soon as they complete your course? Or do you need to manage off-channel tasks when new learners enroll in a course?

If so, let the templates below help you streamline your instructional support process in no time!

  • Create data records each time a learner enrolls in one of your courses.

  • Record updates to all learners' journeys as they move through your courses.

  • Receive instant notifications in Slack when members enroll in your courses

Invite prospective members to join your community

Do you already have a 3rd-party tool that you use to register your new customers, or do you have prospects that sign up for your services using an an external website? You can use the templates below to let any of your Zapier-supported external applications trigger an invitation to join your community!

  • Each time a row in a Google Sheet is added (e.g., a Google Form is submitted), your new contacts can instantly receive an invitation to your community.

  • Send email invitations to join your community to conference registrants.

  • Invite registrants to purchase access to your private community.

  • Invite your contacts to join your community once they've complete a JotForm.

  • Invite your contacts once they meet some qualifying criteria in your Salesforce CRM.

Auto-Join New Community Members to a Group

Do you want to add members to smaller cohort groups as soon as they enroll in a course? Do you have custom tags for users coming from an existing registration tool?

If so, let the templates below help you streamline your group assignment process easily!

  • Community admin can utilize user tags to add existing community members to groups. Only members of a community can be auto-joined to a group.

Participate resources

Here are additional Participate Support Center Articles related to Zapier integrations:

Additional resources

Zapier provides a series of guides to help you get started. Below are some links to tutorials available on the website:

If you have questions about setting up an integration for your community via Zapier, contact our Participate Support Team by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom-right corner of any page on the site.

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