One of Participate's newest features is Group Direct Messaging, which allows sending or receiving a Direct Message to more than one individual. In addition to the chat notification on, you can also enable desktop notifications, so that you don't miss a beat! Read below to learn how to setup your browser notifications.

Check your Web Browser Settings

To check if your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) has notifications set up, click on the padlock symbol located on the left of the website address bar. Ensure that the Notifications (bell symbol) is set up to allow or prompt sites to allow/block them. Make sure that when prompted, you click "Allow" or go into the settings to allow The example below is using Chrome.

Check Your Computer Settings

To check your computer's operating system notifications are set up, locate your on "System Preferences" (on a Mac) or "Settings" (on PC).

Locating System Preferences -> Notifications on Mac

In the "System Preferences" window, search for 'notifications' (by typing in the search bar at the top right).

Enable Notifications for your Operating System

In the Notifications center, scroll down on the left to locate any of your favorite web browsers. For each web browser that you use, click on the name and then click on [Allow Notifications] for that web browser. Do this for all web browsers you like to use.

You can check to see if you have set up notifications by clicking on the clock on the top right corner. If notifications do not show up, it is important to check that your OS does not have a notification filtering feature.

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