In order for you to be able to grant access for your staff to use Passport365 and be able to assign jobs to individuals within the system you will need to set up each staff member and assign the appropriate level of permission.

  • To start, click on the 'Settings' icon located on the left-hand control panel.

  • Select, 'Staff Members'.

From this screen, you can add a new staff member or edit the settings of any existing staff member you have already created.

Adding a new staff member

Select the 'Add New Staff Member' button at the top of the tab which will open up a blank template.

You can start by adding a photo of your member of staff by selecting the 'Add Photo' icon. 

Choose an image from your local or network folders. You can reposition the image to be centralised in the frame as well as use the sliding bar to resize the image.

‘If your photos upload side ways or upside down - please re-savethe image on your computer and deselect any options related to Meta data and try uploading it again’

  • Select 'Save' and you will return to the template to add further information.

Insert the following information in the relevant field:

  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name (required)

  • Mobile 

  • e-mail (required)

  • Address (Passport365 will automatically try to auto-guess as you type, simply select the correct address as it appears or manually type in the information)

  • Date started with the company

You will then need to provide a log-in password which is required to be a minimum of 6 characters long.

Setting up roles and permissions

At the bottom of this screen you are given the option to assign roles to your staff members which will restrict or allow certain levels of access within Passport365. 

If your staff member is office based then you can choose between Office Manager or Office Admin; you can also allocate them to be a Field Worker in addition if this is applicable.

Field Workers can be allocated with either Full or Limited access to Passport365.

Full Access (Only available in iOS)

Access to the full Passport365 system is currently only available in iOS and allows users permission to manage allocated jobs, update job status, take images & notes, track time and sign on/off with the Job Manager.

View, add and edit Jobs, Quotes, Customers as well as access costs, invoicing and pricing information throughout the app.

Limited Access (Available in Android and iOS)

Limited access grants your staff member access only to the Job Manager where they can manage jobs allocated only to them, update job status, take images & notes, track time and sign on/off.

Once you have assigned a field worker, you will be presented with an additional option to set up a Standard Rate and to email instructions to your member of staff by ticking the radial box.

Don't forget to click 'Save' once you've finished.

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