We've integrated support for math equations using KaTeX and LaTeX into our Blocks content builder. 

Learn more

If you're not familiar with these math languages, you can reference resources online. 

Learn more about KaTeX at https://khan.github.io/KaTeX/. Explore function support here. 

See this helpful LaTeX page: https://artofproblemsolving.com/wiki/index.php/LaTeX:Symbols

How to add KaTeX

KaTeX can be entered anywhere normal text is entered in content Blocks. You'll need to use forward slashes to escape characters.

Note that you don't see the rendered math until you hit Preview or enter Learner Preview mode. 

Further options

In addition, both KaTeX and LaTeX can be entered via the fx button inside the text editor.

Highlight any text (or a space) and the text editor will pop up. Use the fx button inside the text editor to add superscripts and any type of LaTeX or KaTeX math formula. Omit forward slashes if entering KaTex this way. 

LaTeX can be entered anywhere the Blocks text editor includes the "fx" button, including multiple choice answer options. 

KaTeX can continue to be entered in our legacy content builder, notes, and discussions, with forward slashes to escape characters.

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