How to take a Collection (for learners)

Learners track their progress through all the courses in a Collection.

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For learners

Lengthier online programs may be formatted as a Collection of courses, rather than a single online course. A Collection allows you to track your progress across all the courses included in your program. If you are taking a Collection of courses as a learner, this brief guide will help you navigate the program.

Registering in the Collection

You may have received a private invitation link in an email or other communication. If so, use the special link you were provided to enroll.

If you're self-enrolling in a public Collection, the steps are similar to registering in any public course. You can follow this guide. You'll see the term "Collection" instead of "course."

Starting the Collection

Once you are registered in the Collection, you can find it on the Home page of your account. It will look something like this:

Click or tap on the Collection to begin. This will open the Collection Path. The Path is where you can access all the courses that are included in the Collection.

Select "Start" on a course to begin.

Starting a course

When you select "Start," you'll be instantly enrolled in the course and can start working through the course content. Find tips for how to take a course here.

Completing a course

When you complete a course, use the back navigation buttons in the upper left corner to return to the main Collection Path. You may be prompted to refresh your browser to get the latest updates to your Path. The course you just completed is now marked as completed with a check mark. You can go back and review anytime.

Tracking your progress

Click or tap the "Performance" button anytime to see your cumulative progress and points (if your courses are scored).

Completing a Collection

When all courses are completed, they will all show a check mark. If your Collection provides a certificate, you can click or tap the link at the top of the Collection Path that says "Download certificate" to begin downloading the PDF certificate of completion.


If you reach the end of the content, but you don't see everything checked off, you may have forgotten to mark something as "completed" (or "skipped" for optional steps). Look at the Path for any courses that don't have a check mark. Go back and mark off anything you missed, and the Collection will register as completed.

Follow the "Start" or "Resume" buttons to find what you missed.

Click or tap "Complete Step" at the bottom of each page to mark as completed.

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