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Which networks do you have onboard?
Which networks do you have onboard?

Information for businesses on the Paua roaming network partners

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As at December 2022 there are over 20 network partners on the Paua network and there are over 23,000 live charge point connectors in the UK.

Our network details are regularly updated on this page.

These connectors are located in over 6,000 charging locations across the country. Some locations have many charging devices each with multiple charge point connectors on it,

New networks are continually being added and our partners continue to add new charge points so our network grows every week.

Partners at December:


  • ChargeMyStreet

  • Charge Place Scotland

  • Connected Kerb

  • CoCharger*

  • ESB

  • Fastned

  • ForEV

  • Geniepoint

  • Greenflux

  • HastoBe

  • Ionity

  • Liberty Charge

  • LiFe (Franklin)

  • Mer

  • Motor Fuel Group (MFG)

  • Osprey

  • Shell Recharge

  • Source London

  • SSE Energy Solutions

  • Swarco

Further chargers are available in Europe taking the total to over 70,000 charge point connectors.

Note that counting "charge points" is complex so we count charge point connectors as it is a number we can all agree on. A connector is the opportunity to plug your car in and charge and could be a rapid CCS connector, a CHAdeMO connector or a type-2 connector.

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