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Xero Integration: How to set up Xero integration in Payapps
Xero Integration: How to set up Xero integration in Payapps

Do you use Xero for your accounting/book keeping? Read this to find out how to integrate it with Payapps...

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This article will show you how to set up Payapps to integrate with Xero so that when you submit a claim, it will automatically generate an invoice in Xero.

Setting up Integration 

Step 1 - Click on the 'Hello, <name>' option at the top right. Choose 'My Account'

Step 2 - Select the Add-Ons tab to bring up your integration options. Select Xero.

Step 3 - You will be redirected to a login screen where you can enter your Xero login details

Step 4 - Xero will send you a code to complete two factor authentication. Enter the code once it is received.

Step 5 - Payapps will request permission to access your Xero data so that it can integrate with it. Select 'Allow Access' to proceed.

Step 6 - Now you will be redirected back to the Payapps Add-Ons page. Turn on 'Enable Accounts Receivable'.

Step 7 - Nominate your Xero Settings:
Generate Invoices on claim - this generates the invoice upon submission of the claim
Generates invoice on approval - this generates the invoice upon the approval of the claim.
Credit Term - How many days from the invoices creation is the due date for payment
Invoice Status - What status is assigned to the invoice when it's generated in Xero
Revenue Account - What account do you want to be used in Xero
Retention Account - If you have a separate retention account, select this here. Or choose the same option as the Revenue account.

Step 8 - Select 'Save Xero Settings' at the bottom right.

Job done

Once you have successfully set up your Xero integration, learn how to use this integration when submitting claims here:

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