Creating a claim through can seem daunting at first, but is very easy once you are familiar with the process. Here we will break down each step in detail, as an easy reference guide for you.

Creating a new claim 

1. From the main screen, select the project you're working on by clicking the “>” symbol on the right-hand side of the project bar or by selecting the name of the project (if you're only working on a single project, skip this step).

2. You should now see the contracts available to work on within this project. Select the contract by clicking on the center line (it will turn grey when you move your cursor over it).

3. Next, you will arrive on the contract summary screen. In the centre of the screen, you will see the claim history section. As this is our first claim, the history is currently empty, but not for long. Navigate to the right and select "New Claim"

4. You are now in a new draft claim. Here you will see the previously claimed amounts (Dark Blue) and the current claimed amounts (Green).

5. Scroll down the page until you see the relevant cost lines.

6. These can be updated either by entering the dollar value under "current claim", or by entering the percentage under "claimed to date".

If you need to add a variation to your claim, please see our article on Creating Variations

7. Depending on the contracts requirements, your builder may have also requested  compliance documentation to be uploaded prior to submitting the claim. To check this, select the Compliance tab at the top left of the claim.

8. Upload any required documentation by selecting the 'Upload' option. For more information on this, please see our article on Uploading compliance documents

9. Once this is done, click the "submit claim" button at the top right of your screen.

10. This will open a final confirmation pop-up, so you can double check all the information as well as confirming how much retention will be held. Once you are happy with the claim, click "continue".

11. If you're not already on a subscription, at this point you'll be requested to make a payment. You can choose to either sign up for a subscription for an ongoing monthly payment or choose the 'Pay-Per-Claim' option at the bottom for a one off payment. You can read about our subscriptions in this article or in your account settings here.

After that, your claim will change from being in a 'Draft' status to a 'Pending' status to indicate that it has been sent to your client.

Do you need to further edit your claim after submitting it? Read this to learn how to retract your claim.

Still having trouble?  Contact us in support via the chat, phone 1300 252 463 or email

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