To see how offline donations work, go to the Campaign menu in your PayBee account. 

Click the blue Download button beneath your campaign's QR code.

Choose your preferred file size and save the QR code. 

You can then print out your QR code and/or attach it to any document.  

Add your QR code to anything, including newsletters, posters, flyers, merchandise, emails, and/or donation boxes.

Donors can simply scan the QR code with their mobile phones to donate on the go.

To donate via QR code, donors must open their phone cameras and hold them above the QR code. 

PayBee will then automatically prompt donors to open your campaign's webpage. They will see exactly the same version of your campaign on their mobile device as they would on a computer.

Donors must go through exactly the same process to pay with their mobile devices as they would on a computer.

Keep reading to find out how you can accept payments via PayBee's mobile app as well as via volunteers!

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