Donation Options are like items on a menu that your donors can choose to purchase for your campaign. 

To create each donation option, you'll need an image, name and amount. You can hide the custom amount button if you don't want let donors choose their own donation amounts.

Once you've created as many donation options as you like, click Create to publish this campaign on your PayBee website. Clicking Create will take you back to the Campaigns page. 

To view your campaign as your donors see it, click the link underneath your campaign's QR code. This will show you your campaign as it appears publicly online. 

If you notice any mistakes, don't panic! To edit your campaign, just hit the back button and return to your PayBee account. Click Campaigns on the sidebar menu so you can view your campaign. Then click the green button below your campaign to make changes.

Keep reading to find out how you can accept donations, add volunteers, and view reports for your campaign!

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