Please Note: You can view real-time details about your volunteers' fundraising progress by clicking the Volunteer tab inside your PayBee dashboard.

Before volunteers can accept payments for your organization, they must download the PayBee mobile app and create an account.  

Once they have an account, your volunteers will need to click the hamburger menu (three lines) in the top left corner of the screen and select the Volunteer tab.

Clicking the Volunteer tab will make your campaign appear onscreen in your volunteers' mobile app. 

Volunteers can now click the yellow Accept Donation button, which will prompt them to enter the donor's name and email address.

Clicking the yellow Next button will bring volunteers to a screen that lists all of your organization's active campaigns.

Volunteers can then click on whichever campaign the donor would like to support. 

Donors can then select a donation option for this campaign or enter a custom amount if desired.

After selecting the donor's desired donation option, volunteers have several options for processing that donor's payment.

The Cash option lets volunteers accept and record cash donations.

Clicking Record will confirm that the volunteer accepted a cash payment and will remind them to submit this payment to your organization. 

Clicking Transfer will confirm that the volunteer accepted a credit card payment.

Volunteers can collect credit card payments either by manually entering numbers or by scanning the card with their phones.

If volunteers choose to scan a credit card, the PayBee app will automatically open the phone camera and extract the card information.

Volunteers can simply select Record Front and Record Back to snap photos of donation checks.

Save to Cart:
The Save to Cart option allows donors to put multiple items in their carts and then pay for everything at once. This is helpful whenever donors want to support several campaigns at once or want to support several donation options within one campaign.

Donors must first select the donation item(s) they would like to buy. Volunteers can then click Save to Cart for each item.

Once the donor's cart is full, volunteers can select the yellow Checkout Cart button and accept payment in several ways (cash, card or check).

The Pledge option allows donors to pledge now and pay later. Once donors select the items for which they'd like to pledge, volunteers can click the Pledge button at the bottom of the screen. This action will send an automated email to donors reminding them of their pledges.

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