1. Login in to your PayBee account. From your Dashboard, on the left menu, click on MANAGE (1) then click on EVENTS (2).

2. From here, click on the green button EDIT under your event.

3.  a. Click on the top Left button ASSIGN PADDLE (1) then, click on the blue button                ASSIGN PADDLE TO ALL ATTENDEES (2). 

 3.  b. To print table cards, click on GET PADDLES PDF (1) on the top right side of the                   menu, then PREVIEW AND DOWNLOAD TABLE CARDS (2).

4. A pop-up window will appear, click on the download symbol (1). You can print the paddles or table cards from your download folder or print them right away (2).


For Paddles:
Print it on letter-size or A4 paper with 100% scale, fold in half and stick a handle to it. Use cardstock or photo paper for better quality.

For Name Cards:
The attached file has 4 cards on each page. Print on letter-size or A4 paper with 100% scale on cardstock or photo paper. Cut in 4 equal pieces and fold each in half.

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