Login in to your PayBee account.
From your Dashboard on the left menu, click on MANAGE (1), then TICKETS AND GUESTS (2).
Now go on SELECT CAMPAIGN and select the event you want to create tables for (3).
Go on TABLES (4) and hit the purple button +ADD TABLES (5).

Now you can start creating your tables.
Add a TABLE NUMBER START (1) (for example, if you have 10 tables you want to use the first table, #1)
Add a TABLE NUMBER END (2) (for example, if you have 10 tables you want to use the the last table, #10)
Add NO. OF SEATS (3) for each table (for example, if each table has 10 seats, put 10, if you have tables with different numbers of seats you can create those after, following this same instructions, but starting from table #11)
Add a CATEGORY (4) for each table. This field is optional (ex. kids table, VIP, etc..)
Click on ADD to create the tables.

If you wish to make changes to the tables previously created, you can use the three buttons on the left side of each table to do so.
Click the left icon MANAGE GUEST TABLE (1) to move guests from one table to another
Click the center icon EDIT TABLE (2) to make changes to the table (change seats n. and categories).
Click on the right icon DELETE TABLE (3) to delete the table

You are all set!

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