Sending outbound emails from Paycove using your domain helps with open rates of the emails and make your invoicing system look more professional.

In order for Paycove to send emails using your domain, Paycove's email service must get permission to use your domain. This is done by adding a DKIM record to your DNS on your web host. Your webmaster, or whoever helps you host your website should be able to help with this.

Paycove will provide you with the keys to add to your records, and our servers will begin verifying permission right away. Once verified, we will then change your outbound email and you should be all set. 

Broken down into steps:

Step 1) Verify that you have access to your DNS settings.

Step 2) Reach out to Paycove for your DKIM credentials. 

Step 3) Add the DKIM credentials to your DNS settings.

Step 4) Let Paycove know the email address you would like to use for
outbound emails. 

Step 5) Once we've verified the DKIM credentials, Paycove will update your outbound email address

If you have any questions on this, please reach out and we'll give you some guidance. 


- Paycove team :)

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