Step 1:  Select "New Bank Account" in the payment method dropdown.

Step 4: Instead of searching for your bank, select "Can't find your bank? Add it manually."

Step 5: Input your account and routing numbers into the modal. (Routing numbers are always 9 digits)

Step 6: Verify microdeposits: 

In order to verify your checking account information, we send two small deposits to your checking account and then ask that you report the deposit amounts back to us.

This only occurs the first time you pay from an account to verify your ownership.

The micro deposits typically take one or two business days to post to your checking account.

Do not enter any amounts until you see the deposit amounts in your checking account.

10 incorrect attempts will require you to start the process over.

**Most savings accounts are not supported for ACH payment. Please ensure that your bank account is a checking account.**

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