If you did not pass the initial identity verification during PaymentHub registration, you may receive an email from GoAver to confirm your identity. Follow the steps below to confirm your identity and unlock your PaymentHub account.

1. Find the email from noreply@goaver.com and click on the link.

2. Scan QR Code.

3. Agree to the terms of use.

4. On the capture screen, click on Capture Image.

5. Upload Identification Documents (Drivers License, ID card, etc.)

6. Check the information gathered from Identification Documents, and add any necessary information.

7. Click Save And Continue.

8. Click Submit.

9. You receive a message saying Identification Verification Data Submitted.

10. Exactuals receives results and adjusts PaymentHub access accordingly.

11. Exactuals notifies you via email that your ID verification has been approved.

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