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Data Flow Diagram

The following integration will send your payroll data to the accounts assigned in the setup process. Please note that it does NOT send any data to Xero Payroll.

How to set up Xero Integration

To set up your Xero integration, go to Settings.

Select 'Add-ons'.

On the Xero icon, click on 'Connect (Beta)'.

A new window will appear asking you to log in to your Xero account.

Log in to your Xero account and allow access for 30 min.

You'll then be directed back to Payroller to complete the setup.

Click on 'Complete Setup'.

Fill out the chart of accounts as necessary and click 'Save & Close'.

You'll be taken back to the following screen which will allow you to begin exporting your data to Xero.

How to set up manual journals

Go to 'Settings'.

Select 'Add-ons'.

Click on 'Export Data'.

Click on 'Settings'.

Set the Export Data Settings to 'Manual Journal'.

Select 'Save & Close' to finish.

How to export your data to Xero

There are two ways you can go about exporting your data to Xero.‌

Which option you choose, ultimately comes down to which way you would prefer to do it.‌

Option 1:‌ Export from Payrun

Make sure you're in the 'Run Payroll' section.

Click on the pay run that you want to export.

Click on the Xero Export button in the bottom left-hand corner of the form.​

Option 2:‌ Export from Settings

Go to Settings.​

Select 'Add-ons'.​

Click on 'Export Data'.​

Click 'Export' on the pay run you wish to export to Xero.​



Q: Do I need to have both a Xero and Payroller account to use this?

A: Yes, you need both to be able to use this integration.

Q: Will I be charged any additional fees for using this integration?

A: Payroller will not apply any charges for this feature. Xero's pricing scheme is independent of Payroller and they determine the costs of their product.

Q: What data is sent to Xero?

A: All payroll figures are sent to Xero except employee and employer information.

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