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Lindoo is a complete dating script inspired in Tinder UI/UX based on Badoo functions and features

The website and the mobile apps has the following features

Landing features

Landing logo

Big landing logo of your site , can be edited by the admin panel

City and Language detection

The script auto detect your visitor city IP based but it is very accurate also detect your visitor language by the browsers headers

Latests users profile photo

Shows latest registered users profile photo for show some people activity in the site

Change language

By default the script support unlimited languages it comes with 48 languages pre-translated but sadly i dont speak 48 languages so i used google tranlsate for achieve that, you can modify/activate/deactivate all the languages in the admin panel


By default the script php session is lifetime so the users are autologged in, but if the user go to the site with other deviece or has deleted the cookies here they can login and also social connect

Social Connect

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram

Mobile apps link

If you have build and uploaded your apps to the stores you can add the links in the admin panel and the images with the links will be displayed


Register button for new users, they can register by email and you can set via the admin panel if they have to verify the email before access the site

Total users

Display all the users in the site as online users for a marketing move

Video background

You can edit the video background from the admin panel, you get 4 videos included in the script

Account types

By default the script is prepared to manage 2 account types, premium and free user,
via the admin panel you can set what they can do as free or premium user

Daily new conversation

You can set how much new conversation can start each account type 


You can set who can start a videocall

Private photos

You can set who can view the private photos of other users

Who liked

You can set who can view of someone liked them

Who visited

You can set who can view of someone visited them

Show advertise

You can set who view the advertise on your site

Credits system

Here is the list of the features that cost credits, you can set the price in credits in the admin

View private photos

Add photo to the spotlight

Buy more daily chats

Buy Superlikes

Send gift

Boost profile

100 times in the game

First in meet section

Fake user system

A successfully dating site must have active users, it dont worth to spend money in marketing if you have 0 users in the site because they will left because no users to see, we made the most complete fake user system , here is the details

Remeber fake users are always showed after your real users

12,142,414 Users

Yes is true we have more than 10 millions users around the globe with full profile information and mostly of them with multiple photos but most important new photos, yes if you get young profiles you will get photos with snapchat filters haha

Artifical inteligence

If you enable the feature, your fake users will come to life as frankestein, auto reply to your real users using artificial inteligence and they will never find out that is a robot chatting, guarantee!

Random online system

Your fake users are sorted by 7 groups , each group will be displayed as online 1 day of the week, this will show different online users everyday for your recurring users

Reply as fake user

Your admin users can reply as fake user from the admin panel, and it will work as normal chat, if user is offline they will be notified by email and push notificaiton, please note you that in the admin panel you will see only messages to "online" fake users

Visit back

As normal behaivor of online users, if someone visit you , you will recieve a notification, that means if the fake user is online , it may visit back the real user, you can set the percentage chance in the admin panel

Like back

As normal behaivor of online users, if someone like you , you will recieve a notification, that means if the fake user is online , it may probably like back the real user, you can set the percentage chance in the admin panel

Making money

Making money with Lindoo is the easier part, we have covered all the grounds possibles to make money in the dating industry

Payment processors

Stripe (Credit cards)
Fortumo (SMS)
PayGol (SMS and more options)

Premium accounts

As described bellow premium users has real super powers on Lindoo script, its works on monthly based suscription via PayPal


As described bellow there is several ways to make your users to spend some credits


Lindoo has 2 spot for advertise , at the footer of the front end and in the right bar , and for the mobile aps interstetal full screen admob


Spotlight feature also works via geolocation based on latitude and longitude if the current user changes location the spotlight auto update with the new location

Spotlight photo

The current user can choose from any of his uploaded photos to put into the spotlight, the user can upload unlimited photos to the spotlight if he has credits to afford it.

Spotlight duration

The duration of the photo in the spotlight is undefined because it depends of the users use of this feature, the spotlight has a max of 30, for example if more than 30 users put a photo in the spotlight in one day and you was the first to add it you are out of the spotlight and yoy have to add another photo, its like hunger games of spotlight 

Spotlight price

The admin of the site can put the price in credits for this feature from the admin panel.

Search users (meet section)

Search feature works via geolocation based on latitude and longitude and the users are sorted by proximity and last access, and the fake users always are shown at the latests

Tinder game

This feature work as tinder , after voted users wont be able to see the voted profile again in the game (they can find it in the search page), if its a match it show a match modal, but as it is just inspired in Tinder UI/UX and we are focused on Badoo features/functionallity.
Users are able to send a chat message without actually needing a match

Normal likes

Everytime a user like someone, if the user is offline they get a email notification and if the liked user has the app installed he/she receive a push notification.

Super likes

The user that send super like get always at the top in the likers section

Chat system

The chat section in a dating site is one of the most important sections, and we made this awesome features:

Send photos

Users can send photos from phone/pc and for mobile app user they can take and send photo on the move


Multiplatform videocalling is supported please note you will need SSL in your site for make it run on chrome

Send emoji/Gifs

Thanks to giphy you can send GIF in the chat

Send gifts

Get their attetion with gifts

Delete conversation

Easy clean your chat page deleting old conversations

Block users

Block annoying people directly from the chat section

First chat limited

Wait for their reply, after 2 mesages without response you wont be able to keep sending messages till the other part respond you

Message status

You will see if the other user has readed your message or not

Email/Push notifications

Complete traffic engage with this must have notifications

Near me

Send email and push notification to app users when someone that fit with my search criteria joins to the site

Liked me

Send email and push notification to app users when someone likes me


Send email and push notification to app users when i have a match

New message

Send email and push notification to app users when someone send me a new message

Admin features

From the admin panel you will be able to manage everything that matters in the site

  • General settings
  • Payment settings
  • Accounts settings
  • Fake users settings
  • Gfits settings
  • Language settings
  • Manage users
  • Manage pages
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